Monsanto Pig Patents...

I subscribe to the Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener newspaper. It's a decent quarterly publication ( In the Dec2005-Feb2006 issue is a little blurb about what is quickly becoming my least favorite global mega-corporation— Monsanto. The title of the little article is: Monsanto Hogs Pig Patents. Here's a few quotes:

" Monsanto has filed patents in 160 nations for—pigs. Filed at the World Intellectual Property Organisation in Geneva, the patent application stakes a claim on pig rights in more than 100 countries including... the United States."

"If granted, Monsanto will be in a position to prevent breeders and farmers from breeding pigs with certain characteristics or methods of breeding, or force them to pay royalties."

"Says Eric Gall of Greenpeace, "If this patent gets granted, Monsanto could control the normal breeding of pigs to a large extent, without any real invention behind it. ... This patent application is so absurd we wonder what Monsanto will come up with next."


This company—Monsanto— is the the corporate personification of evil.


JFC said...

I think Monsanto fits the definition. This company is the corporate personification of evil.

I concur.

Scott M Terry said...

I saw the same story in Acres USA I think. Scary stuff. Monsanto has been sucking the life and money out of rural amerika for a long time now. The further we all stay from those rascals, the better.

Sarah said...

Just you wait, then they'll get a patent on humans making babies.

What a horrible company!

Anonymous said...

i hate monsanto. they are mean.