Noble Womanhood

Dateline: 9 May 2006

"She Brings Lemonade"
By: Lesley Span
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I’ve written here before about the 1891 “Grange Melodies” songbook that I rescued from the old Moravia Grange hall. One of the songs in the book is titled 'Woman’s Mission.'  The words of this song present a vision of "noble womanhood" and tell a story that, as a man married to a godly woman, I recognize and appreciate....


When the husbandman grows weary,
And the heart is full with strife,
And the skies so sad and dreary,
With their darkness shadow life;
Then comes the noble woman,
With her hands so true and kind;
With her heart divinely human,
All his troublous griefs to bind.

Silently her presence showers,
Sunshine calm in noble deed,
Clothing with new hopes and powers,
All of who her help have need;
Toils may her kind words soften,
Countless are her deeds of good;
Winning her a pray’r most often,
For her noble womanhood.


This poem is clearly contrary to the modern feminist ideal. It casts a vision for the Biblical-agrarian ideal. As such, it provides a glimpse into an ancient way of life that is now largely lost. It makes me think of the old Virginia Slims slogan, 'You've Come a Long Way, Baby."

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