Scriptural Eldercare

Dateline: 8 August 2006

"I pray that I live to see Christians taking their duties to their parents as seriously as they take their responsibilities to their children. The homeschooling movement has revolutionized how children are taught and trained by Christian parents. Let us begin a new revolution, a revolution in which servants of Christ consider caring for their own aged loved ones a high honor as well as a sacred duty."

I say a loud and clear Amen! to that quote from Stephen Orr, author of the soon to be released book, Faithful in Every Season.

Mr Orr also has a blog titled Christians and Scriptural Eldercare. The blog's subtitle is, Honoring God’s Fifth Commandment by Providing For The Elderly in Our Households.

I have not yet read all of Mr. Orr's blog, but I've read enough to know that this is a man with an important message who is honoring our Lord with his writing. I am particularly touched by a story he wrote titled,,The Weight of Providence.


Lynn Bartlett said...

Herrick, I don't know how you find these wonderful blogs, but I cried through this entry. Talk about feeling convicted regarding irritations in my life. Thanks for sharing this.

Marci said...

Wow, what a story that man had to tell. It hit me very hard in that I too have someone that I let irritate me. This sounds like a book I want to get.