Twelve Years Old Today

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I believe it is good to give children family names or name them in honor of virtuous people. In the former case it connects and grounds a child to the family. In the latter it connects them to persons that you hope they will learn about and whose character they will emulate.

With that in mind, my youngest son was named after two brave and notable Christian men: Dr. James Dobson, stalwart defender of Christian civilization (the family in particular), and George Washington, the great agrarian general who, by the grace of God, led a ragtag group of farmer-soldiers to victory over what was then the greatest military force in the world, then selflessly served as the fledgling republic’s first (possibly even it’s finest) President.

James Washington Kimball, was born twelve years ago today. I remember that it was a sunny day and Marlene remembers that he, who will forever be her baby, came into the world easier than the other two. I remember also that, unlike with the others, my mother was present to see this child born. That was special.

And he is a uniquely special boy, just as his brothers are. God has blessed James with a healthy body, an active mind, better than average intelligence, incredible confidence, a loving heart, and an outgoing personality. He is also a son who honors his father and mother. It is an amazing thing to watch this child grow up. He is, simply put, a miracle and a blessing to his family.

Today I give special thanks to God for James. My prayer for this young boy is that he will grow and mature into a man who knows Jesus Christ as his Lord and loves Him with his whole heart.

In the midst of this rebellious culture we live in, where the masses of merely-mortal men exalt themselves, their strength, and their intelligence above the everlasting, holy, sovereign God of the universe, I pray that this son of mine will be a warrior standing steadfast in his Christian faith, doing that which is pleasing to the Lord, loving His law, regardless of what men may think or say.

I pray that my son will know the fear of the Lord and develop a humble spirit, acknowledging God, not himself, as the source of all that he has and is.

I pray that he will reject sloth and embrace the virtue of hard work; that he will employ his natural talents with creativity and due diligence to provide for himself, his family, the body of Christ, and others as God leads him, not for earthly praise, but because that is what men of God do—for His glory.

I pray that my son will one day be a godly husband and father, leading with love, wisdom, strength, and courage, raising sons and daughters to know and love the Lord as he does, unto many generations.

That is my prayer for you, James, (and for your two older brothers). Please notice I did not pray that you would be famous, that you would win the praises of men, that you would make a lot of money, that you would live in a big expensive home, that you would own a fancy car, that you would travel the world seeking thrills, or one exotic experience after another, that you would achieve a position of power and authority in the world’s structure, or even that you would live a life of ease. I did not ask the Lord for those things for you because they are not what is most important in this brief span of days we are allotted here on this earth. It’s all about faith, family,and living the good life—the good life as defined by He who created you and the world you live in. It’s all about loving and blessing others and serving as He leads you. Never forget that

And never forget that your daddy loves you!

Happy Birthday “Jimmy George.”

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Missouri Rev said...

Indeed, happy birthday James! May the Lord grant you grace and strength to serve Him in steadfast perseverance and humility in whatever He puts in your heart to do.

Emily said...

That was a beautiful prayer, Herrick. Happy Birthday, James! May you honor and glorify God all the days of your life and bring joy to your parents. P.S. Being a young man of twelve years, James may be embarrassed to hear this, but he is just so cute. :) God's blessings to him.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, James!

Marci said...

Happy Birthday James. May the Lord use you mightily in the world around you.

Herrick, that was a wonderful prayer. God has truly bless you with your boys and them with their parents.

The Homestead Lady said...

Happy Birthday James! May the Lord be with you all the days of your life!

Herrick, you are indeed a blessed man!