Make Your Own
Whizbang Soap Display Stands

Dateline: 18 November 2006
Updated: 28 December 2016

The picture above shows my wife Marlene’s handcrafted soaps on display at the New Hope Mills store in Auburn, N.Y. You’ll notice that the bars of soap are arranged neatly on special little wooden soap display stands. I designed and made those stands for Marlene earlier this year because she needed a simple but attractive display that would be easy for people at the store to restock as needed.

I was inspired to make the displays after seeing other handcrafted soaps so poorly presented at other stores. It’s a shame to put all that care and work into making soap and have it languish on the shelf because people don’t notice it or don’t give it any serious consideration. A proper display invites shoppers to take a closer look and learn more. These display holders do exactly that. They have worked out so well that I’ve decided to affix the coveted Whizbang name to them. Better yet, I’ve also put together a 4-page PDF Specifications package telling other home crafters of soap how to make their own Whizbang soap displays.

Here are some more pictures of the Whizbang soap display stands:

Whizbang soap display stands are a nifty little solution to the problem of easily organizing and presenting your handcrafted soaps. Here's a picture of the front cover of the 4-page PDF specifications package I've put together for folks who want to make their own displays...

You can order the specifications PDF right now. The cost is only $3.99. Just click the order button below...

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Anonymous said...

ok, I'll be your first comment~ I have to say I'm very impressed~! I hope God blesses this venture and you make thousands~ I have been looking for an easy, quick fix for my soaps and I believe I have found it. My dad is an excellent wood worker, I expect him to make me some. If that doesn't work out, be on the look out for my 1.00~
thanks so much for donating your time, energy and ideas
ps. you should see the molds he made me~!

Herrick Kimball said...

Hi sindy--

Thanks for the nice words.

I'm delighted to know your dad can make you some Whizbang soap displays. The plans I am offering will make the process easier for some people, but just the pictures I've posted here are enough for a good woodworker to work from.

There isn't a doubt in my mind that you'll find the displays help you sell more soap!

And perhaps your father would want to make Whizbang soap displays for your friends who are soapmakers. I'd love to see some retired or hobby woodworkers make a little income from the idea.

Best wishes,

Herrick Kimball

Anonymous said...

What a good idea! Herrick, fix the word "soapmaking" near the end of your list, so those search engines can find you better.

Blessings from your editor ;-)

Herrick Kimball said...

Hi Carmon--

Thanks for the correction. You're the best!

Believe it or not, though, I misspelled saopmaking on purpose to get those people who misspell it at the search engine. How's that for a good idea? :-)

By the way, I really enjoyed your PlainTalk interview with Rick Saenz

The Bradshaws said...

#2 on Google for "saopmaking" already! Good job Mr. Kimball.

Carla Lynne Klimuk said...

Good for you, Herrick... the dollar is on its way. :)

I'll be watching with vested interest in your internet experiment too...

Joyfully His,
Carla Lynne

Herrick Kimball said...


#2 for Saopmaking on Google ALREADY!

Now I've cornered the market for dyslexic soapmakers.

Here's something interesting... I posted about the Whizbang soap displays on three Yahoo soapmaking discussion groups and provided a link to this story.

Only one group's moderator let it through. So I posted and thanked the moderator. Upon seeing this, she deleted both my posts and e-mailed me that they have strict rules about no ads except on ad day.

I didn't know. :-(

Anonymous said...

I was rather excited to see that this display was in New Hope Mills! There are a few young adults who come up for a "youth activity" at my church in northern Cayuga county once a month, who live in the Moravia area and who, I recently learned, own and work in New Hope Mills!

Do you happen to know the family who owns this mill, or is the sight of your soap in their store a mere business coincidence? In other words, when I see them this Friday at our youth event, if I asked them about Herrick Kimball, would they probably know your name?

Glad to hear that your soaps are doing so well. I just managed to find a store where I can purchase lye, so I am hoping to try my hand at a few recipes over the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Great idea,thank you for this! I'll be sending my dollar!
I'm just an owl's hoot away from you! ;)

(or a crow's call,lol)

Herrick Kimball said...

Carla Lynne---
I thank you.

And I thank you too. Any kind of a bird call away is pretty close!

Yes, I know those young adults and they know me, and I've known their family for many years. It's truly a small world.

Marlene's soaps have sold at the mill store this year far beyond our expectations. It has been remarkable.

For anyone reading this who would like to know more about New Hope Mills (and see a picture of Marlene with her soap display) please stop by a previous blog I wrote: New Hope Mills

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello, i would like to bay it. Can you tell me where can i find it, because i liked a lot this stand. Thanks.

yummy stuh said... forgot sapomaking!! I would like to purchase the instructions on how to make the sapo display but I don't know exactly where to

Anonymous said...


I realize this topic is old but I recently ran across your blog a couple of weeks ago. Wealth of information!! Love your ideas and values.

I am a member of a candle/soap forum that I found very valuable when I was making candles. However, the great part about the forum is; they list suppliers and people leave comments about the supplies and have general discussion and promote sales etc. I am not sure how you could get your soap displays added to the suppliers list...I think you email the moderator which I believe is Sara (I haven't been there in quite some time). It might be worth the time to explore the possibility. It is a really good site for resources as well such as tutorials and recipes etc. But an added value is the co-op section. Everyone goes together to purchase products to get a cheaper price.

Best wishes