Go Listen to The New John Mesko Interview

In my book, “Writings of a Deliberate Agrarian,” I have a chapter titled, “Returning to the Family Economy.” In the final paragraph of that chapter I wrote:

“There are some brave and innovative pioneers who are establishing wonderful examples of family economies. Joel Salatin comes to mind immediately. There are many others testing the waters and paving the way. If the task were easy, more people would be doing it. Nevertheless, the goal of bringing fathers home and reuniting families in life and work is noble and necessary. The difficulty of attaining an ideal is no excuse for not pursuing it.”

Another brave and innovative person who is helping to pave the way is John Mesko. Last year, "good farmer John" left his career in the industrial ag system to return to the small farm in Minnesota where he grew up. He and his family are working to establish a viable family economy by farming in a way that is contrary to the more common industrial approach.

John is an advocate of small, diversified, sustainable, family farming. He is also a qualified and capable spokesman for this Chriatian agrarian way of life that he and his family are pursuing.

Jim Bartlett at the web site, Biblical Concourse of Home Universities has recently interviewed John. The interview is titled "Agriculture and Economics: Yime is Not Money." You can download and hear the entire interview at this link: Biblical Concourse of Home Universities. Look over on the top, right hand side of the page for the interview.

The Mesko family’s Lighthouse Farm web site can be found at this link: Lighthouse Farm

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