Digging Potatoes
With a Little Girl

Dateline: 2 September 2007

Back in June I posted a story with photos here about Planting Potatoes With a Little Girl. It was a story about children, brutish boys, cute little girls, and, in particular, the neighbor girl that Marlene had been babysitting.

Yesterday, Marlene watched the little girl again for the day. We made it a point to take her out to the garden and dig some potatoes from the seed she had planted. The potato plants have died off and some weeds have grown up on the hilled rows. But just under the soil there is a beautiful crop of homegrown spuds. Marlene worked the fork, I manned the camera, and the little girl picked the hidden potatoes as they came into view.

She thoroughly enjoyed herself and went home with a small pail of her own delicious Yukon Gold tubers.

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Marci said...

That is WONDERFUL. That will help to give her a love for planting and harvesting. I love the last picture of her with her bucket!!

My Pink Boutique said...

What a delightful follow up. You are a blessed family!

Bless You,

Unknown said...

What a delightful story. Thanks for doing a follow-up. Sound like there are blessing on both sides of the fence!!


Anonymous said...

Yay! I love follow-ups to stories! This essay really tugged at my heart, because I, too, limited myself to X number of children, and for very much the same reasons, and now I regret it terribly.

Like you, I pray I'll live long enough and be lucid enough to enjoy both my grandchildren and my great grandchildren.