Christian Agrarianism?

Blogger Ethan Book read my recent blog essay, Christian Agrarianism: It’s All About Repentance & Redemption and decided to write about it at his blog.

Ethan is uncomfortable with the term, “Christian agrarian.” I suspect there are others who hear the term and question it. You can read Ethan’s blog essay here: Christian Agrarianism? And you can also read my response to his essay there.

I'd like to say that from the beginning of this blog, almost three years ago, I have focused on writing about “Faith, Family, and Livin’ The Good Life.” My faith (unapologetically Christian) has been front and center. My agrarian-based convictions are rooted in my Biblical convictions. The combination of those words, “Christian” and “agrarian,” fully describe my heartfelt beliefs about how the Christian life is best lived. It is a way of life that I find sweet and satisfying and I believe it is powerfully compelling to many of those who look in from the outside.

Not everyone will agree. Not everyone will understand. That is okay. I do not wish to argue my melding of Christian and agrarian beliefs. Only to live them and present them as honestly and accurately as I can within the limitations of my writing ability. Sometimes I fail in that regard. All I ask is that, you try to fully understand before before you pass judgement on this way of life which I love to refer to as "Christian agrarianism."

I recommend Ethan Book’s blog to you: The Beginning Farmer

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Ethan Book said...

Thank you for for mentioning my site Mr. Kimball. I appreciate your comments to my post and agree with many of them. I appreciate the faith you are living unapologetically and I strive to do the same in my life whether it is dealing with cattle associations, soccer teams, or with my church. Also, I agree with your "melding" of Christian and agrarian beliefs. It seems like our "agriculture" works that much better when we do it in sync with the ins and outs of God's complex and beautiful creation.

I do want to mention that I am not passing judgement on the way of life ... I can clearly see that you are living the calling that God has brought you to. I was merely writing on the idea of having a term such as, "Christian agrarian". I know that I will spend eternity with God because of Him, not because of anything I have done. With that in mind I will do all things for His glory and according to His will and word. That means raising my family, interacting with my wife, being part of the community, and more. The way of life you speak of seems to be that of a talented agrarian who is working in the wonders of Gods creation... Your way of life as you write about on your blog seems to be wonderfully in sync with a sound Biblical worldview!

Thank you for the open discussion.

In Christ,
Ethan Book