My 2007 Crop of Stiffneck Garlic Powder is Now Ready

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I have been growing garlic and processing it into wholesome, delectable garlic powder as a business for several years. It is hard work but something I enjoy doing.

Few people in the world have ever tasted pure garlic powder made from stiffneck garlic varieties. You can’t buy it in the grocery store and there are precious few small-scale producers like me out there.

I usually have my powder ready to sell before Thanksgiving. I’m late this year. But better late than never. If you would like to experience a rare, special, and totally wholesome culinary delight, I invite you to get yourself a jar of this year’s powder.

How, you might wonder, do you use it? Well, the number one way my family enjoys the powder is on hot, buttered toast. Something magical happens when good garlic powder and butter come together. Shake the powder on pizza, casseroles, spaghetti, soup, salads, sandwiches, and even corn on the cob. Use your imagination. Savor the experience.

And keep in mind that a jar of Herrick's Homegrown Stiffneck Garlic Powder makes a great gift. My brother-in-law buys ten jars every year to give to friends and business associates at Christmas. It's a unique, down-to-earth treat.

Unfortunately, this year’s garlic powder will be the last for at least a year and maybe more than that. I have been growing my garlic crops on my next door neighbor’s property. It was good land and very convenient for me. But he sold the property and moved away this last fall. I have lost my use of the land and did not plant a crop of garlic this last fall. The small acreage I now live on does not afford me enough room to grow a large crop of garlic. Besides that, I need to free up some time to build up my part-time business, Whizbang Books. The business is making money and I am saving with the idea of one day purchasing more land, debt free. That is the dream. That is the goal and, God willing, I will achieve it one day.

That said, I have processed my normal amount of garlic bulbs, and the garlic bulbs I would have used for seed stock. So, for now, I have lots of powder, and I am offering it for sale here. Based on past experience, it is not likely this garlic powder will be available after December of this year. The supply is limited and I always sell out within a month or two.

I sell it four ways:

1.) 2.8 ounce Gift Jar (as seen in the photo above): $11.00
2.) 2.8 ounce Gift Jar packaged in a gift box: $12.50
3.) 3 ounce bag: $10.00
4.) 6 ounce bag: $19.00

The cost of packaging and shipping is a flat rate of $7 for any size order.

There are two ways to order:

1.) Send a check or money order for your order to:
Herrick Kimball
P.O. Box 1117
Moravia, N.Y. 13118

2.) Deposit payment in my PayPal account:

If you would like to read all about how I process my garlic into powder, you can do so by going to this link: Making Great Garlic Powder. That link will also take you to several other internet essays about garlic that I’ve written. For example, you can read and see exactly how I planted the garlic that this year’s powder is made of.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me: hckimball(at)


Berryman said...

I'm looking forward to trying some of your garlic powder. We have planted 4 raised beds this fall with three different varieties - one of which was a stiffneck. It's our first try with garlic and so far they have taken root with small shoots.

We enjoy reading your blog. We have recently moved from Atlanta to our land in NW GA - now that's a commute. I pray God will provide you with land to restart the garlic and potato grwoging.

God Bless. Mike Burns - Burns Best Farm.

Herrick Kimball said...

Hello Mike,

Thanks for the comment. I have heard about you and your family from our mutual friend, Barry Morgan. NW Georgia sounds like a great place to have a small farm.

It sounds like you are starting out right with the garlic. I always tell people to plant several varieties and see which ones do best in the soil and climate conditions of their area. Dave Taylor, another reader of this blog, lives somewhere in GA and he has planted stiffneck garlic bulbs I sent him. I think they did well for him.

In any event, I wish you the very best at Burns Best Farm!

Kim said...

We received some of your garlic powder in today's mail, and I put it into our pizza dough for our dinner tonight. It was very good! Nicely packaged, too. Thanks for providing a high quality product!