Is Your Bank In Trouble?

Numerous banks have "gone under" this year already. Many more are expected to in the days ahead. I recently read this blog article which states that about 200 banks in Illinios are in danger of failing.

That led me to wonder how you can find out what kind of financial shape a bank is in. Maybe it is common knowledge where on the internet you can go to find bank ratings. If so, would someone please point me in the right direction?

In the meantime, I found this web page at Bauer Financial. The page allows you to look up all the banks or credit unions in any state and check out their "star" ratings. The rating is from zero to five stars. Bauer recommends that people use only four and five star institutions, "because peace of mind matters."

It is amazing how many banks are rated less than four stars.


On another note, Franklin Sanders had this to say in his most recent daily commentary:

[T]he US constitution has been officially junked & the economy openly transformed into a fascism for benefit of the banks & well-connected. Probably not the death of the system, but pretty much the end of y'all's economic hopes, if you remain inside that system. Whether the outcome is a hyperinflation or slow-burn, whether it arrives sooner or later, makes no difference. The Tapeworm is consuming its host. You either swallow the worm medicine, or die.

It's what John Milton called "Necessity, the tyrant's plea" when he put the words in Satan's mouth in Paradise Lost. 9/11 ended the personal rights under the constitution & bill of rights, the bailout will end economic rights. It has happened. Be a man, face it, stop living in your dream world.

The bright side is that events are confirming the death throes of the monster, even though he might thrash around for several more decades. It's time to get you & yours outside his usurious economy. Revive the local economies long ago gutted to feed the Tapeworm. First, secure your ongoing livelihood. If you don't have a business that produces or sells something people need, get one. If you have no business or farm, make yourself indispensable in your job.


Victory 1 Project said...

Regarding the post on banks failing, the link: shows banks that may fail in Florida, Illinois, Texas and Arizona will be posted soon I heard. The place to obtain bank information is the blog you posted and FDIC. The blog obtained their information from FDIC.

cbutler said...

Hi Herrick!

I use They have a rating system for banks and thrifts that they call "safe & sound." You can view it here:

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million for the links Herrick, I just looked mine up, 'Wheww!' four stars. ;)

Mrs.Smith said...

Can you believe the bailout didn't pass?!?! I'm SOOOO happy about it. In the article I read, they mentioned in passing that many congressman voted it down because of the thousands of calls/emails they had recieved. YES! If it makes for hard financial times, let it. The economy will bounce back if they leave it alone! It was designed that way, and God willing, hard-working Americans can keep it that way.

At any rate, we will not be bullied into letting our public "servants" act as tyrants anymore. God bless America.

Ian said...

It has been a long time coming. Check out my own blog and look for the label 'financial meltdown'.

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Anonymous said...

Herrick - This link is for a list of bank ranking services provided by the FDIC.

Blessing, John

Anonymous said...


Weiss ratings ( is a service offered by Martin W Weiss (

He does the best job of rating banks, S&L's, and insurance companies. He's been at it a long time, understands the current financial environment, and predicted all of these troubles a decade ago. I've been reading his stuff for years.

Economics and monetary theory have been my hobby for about the last ten years, and for the last 8 years I've spent a minimum of 2 hours per day in study on the subject. It has been the passion of my heart to warn God's people about this.

Do not trust the FDIC. They have a vested interest in keeping your money IN the weakest banks, not helping you get out of them. If a bank is identified as weak, its customers panic out of it, and the FDIC has to bail it out. They obviously don't want to do that, since they've only got enough money to cover about 1% of demand deposits at this point.

When and if the bailout passes (and I think it will) we will probably eventually have a hyperinflation like Zimbabwe and Weimar Germany in the 1920's. Get ready. I had initially been expecting a debt led deflationary episode like the U.S. in the 1930's, but it looks like the government is going to try and inflate their way out of this mess and they likely might succeed.

If they do, Christian economist Gary North's prescription for troubled times is advisable.... the 4 G's: God, Guns, Gold, Groceries