Losing One’s Job

I was disappointed to read Matthew Potter’s recent post wherein he reports that his father is now unemployed because of a mass layoff at the company where he worked. Matthew is upbeat about the situation, but that sort of thing can be difficult to deal with. I sincerely hope Mr. Potter soon finds himself another position, and one that suits his talents and abilities.

Losing one’s job is, of course, not uncommon, especially in these times of economic decline. After telling Marlene about Matthew’s news she asked me what I would do if I lost my job. I told her the first thing I would do is get my next Whizbang invention on the fast track to completion.

But I’ve got enough Whizbang ideas and inventions and how-to books under my belt to know that my next one is not likely to be so successful that I will be able to support my family off of it. Granted, that is my dream. But my ideas are usually so offbeat or narrowly focused that popular success is pretty much guaranteed not to happen.

Nevertheless, if I ever get it out of the gate, this next Whizbang product should be another step towards a home business that will support my family.

It’s worth noting that I was encouraged to develop a part-time home business several years ago after reading numerous essays by Gary North (back when they came via e-mail at no cost). One of Gary’s recurring themes was that, in this day and age, no job is secure. That being the case, it makes a lot of sense to establish a part time home business so you will have a supplemental stream of income in the event that you lose your job.

The other reason North encouraged his readers to begin establishing a home business is so they can have a source of income when they retire. Since Social Security is unlikely to be able to pay out enough to live on in another decade or so, and most people do not (and will not) have sufficient savings to support themselves in their old age, it is wise to get a small business going now to supplant your income then.

That kind of preparatory thinking resonated with me. I have an entrepreneurial bent anyway. And so it is that I write, self-publish books, and invent useful tools for down-to-earth folks like myself. The business suits me. But there are other businesses that would suit me. What kind of part-time home business suits you? If you don’t have one, it’s worth thinking about.

In my next three or four blog essays I will share with you a select few ideas for home businesses that have been on my mind ever since Marlene asked me what I would do if I lost my job. Everyone is different, with different talents and interests, so my ideas may not suit you. Then again, perhaps one of them will.


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