Indulging in an Extravagance

The economies of the world are in crisis. Gloom and doom predominate. It looks like it’s getting really serious. This may be “the big one.” To make matters worse, I find myself spending a lot of money on unexpected needs. Then, in the midst of it all, I have decided to take a vacation. Go figure.

Our family has never taken one of those two-weeks-across-the-country-and-see-the-Grand-Canyon vacations. We probably never will. And I don’t expect to ever take a cruise to some island. And I’ll surely not head off to some foreign country. We keep vacations simple and short. Nevertheless, even little vacations have always been something of an extravagance for us. And this one will be no exception.

The genesis of this vacation was a comment by my wife a couple weeks ago: “Why don’t you guys go on vacation and I’ll stay home. That’ll be a vacation for me too.”

Mothers of busy households can, I’m sure, relate. The never-ending daily demands of meal making, laundry doing, errand running, and dealing with three active boys, can wear a woman down. Marlene needs a break. Some time for herself. It was her idea.

Except for the expense, it’s a fine idea. At 14 and 17 years old, my two youngest sons are growing up. So, now, while we have this opportunity, while gasoline is still less than $5 a gallon, while our car is still mechanically dependable, while I still have a job, and our paper money still has a little value, now is the time to take a Men’s Vacation. We’re going to have us a little adventure. Hopefully, we’ll make some great memories together.

We three “adventurers” leave early tomorrow morning. Marlene will remain safe at home with three dogs and our oldest son (who has his truck-driving job to attend to). She can do as she pleases for the next few days. I think she has plans.

I’ll not be blogging while on vacation. But I’ll be sure to give a report when I return next week. Suffice it to say that our itinerary will include:

1. Early American history
2. Guns
3. Agrarian culture
4. An old-growth (300 years) forest.

Stay tuned.....

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Kristl said...

Sounds wonderful and exciting! Have a good time! I can't wait until you return with tales of the "grand adventure".....

Anna said... it in PA? I bet so...or maybe...elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

Sounds amazing. You guys be careful, and beware of those English. ;)

GoingMissionary said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog for a bit. Do you have all your posts about raising boys organized? I would love to have them to show my son and husband.

Herrick Kimball said...

Thanks for the well wishes Kristi.

Veiled Glory.. You are correct. it is somewhere else.

Thanks Rob.

goingmissionary...I don't have boy-raising essays organized. You can find most of them under the "Family" category over on the right side of this page.