Seed Company Blues

This Just In!!!

I ordered something from Pinetree Garden Seeds two weeks ago. It was something very simple that could be sent in an envelope. I haven’t received it yet, so I called the company.

The woman on the phone was nice but she sounded tired. I asked her about my order. She said they haven’t gotten to that day yet, meaning the day two weeks ago that I placed my order. In other words, they are more than two weeks behind filling orders.

I asked if things were busier than they normally are at this time of year. She said business is up 30% from last year. She said they just hired nine new people and they are working longer hours.

Clearly, a lot more people in America are taking gardening seriously.

If you have not yet ordered your seeds for this year, I suggest you do so soon.


Anonymous said...

Got five packs of seeds this week from Park. All the rest I will buy locally. The ones I ordered from Park are not available locally.

Doing the Three Sister Garden this year.

Anonymous said...

Man, that can really throw you off when you are trying to meet the schedule set by nature! Thanks for the heads-up.

fast eddie said...

Dear Herrick, I ordered my seeds from Pinetree in early december, and they still took about three weeks or more to deliver.I really like Pinetree Seeds,although I have noticed some changes that have not been for the better.Where do you get most of your seed from? I cant wait for Spring!!!

Anonymous said...


See this article:

I ordered from Baker Creek at and from The Ark Institute and received my orders quickly.

Regina in TX