The Whizbang Cider Book Is Now In Print

It’s official. Anyone Can Build a Whizbang Apple Grinder & Cider Press is now in print, as you can see in the picture above.

Over the past four years, I have written here on this blog about my experiences making cider, and I’ve chronicled the progress as I’ve endeavored to develop simple, practical homestead-scale cidermaking equipment. Then, when I finally had it all figured out, I told you, my readers, that I was going to put together a plan book. I offered pre-publication copies at a good discount. Ninety six of you out there bought a pre-publication copy. You trusted me to get the job done. I thank you for that.

My printer managed to get me enough books by the end of February to fill all my pre-publication orders. The books are in the mail, on their way to you. Everything came together very nicely. Thank you again everyone.

Now it is my hope that those of you who bought the book will absorb the how-to information and be inspired to build your own amazing Whizbang apple grinder and cider press. It is only March, but you know how quickly time cider season will be here before you know it. Think Fresh-Squeezed Sweet Cider. Think of how fun and rewarding it will be to turn bushels of apples into gallons of cider. And as you are making that cider with your friends and family, you will also be making sweet cider smiles (as I explain in the Introduction to the book).

For those who would like some help with making their Whizbang Cidermaking equipment, I will be selling some project parts. First, I will be posting information soon at www.Whizbang about the HDPE plastic hoop kits I’ll be selling. These kits will include the stainless steel screws that you need to attach the hoops.

By the end of March, I should be posting information about other HDPE plastic components that I will be offering. You don’t need to use HDPE components in your press. Plywood and pine will suffice, if sealed with polyurethane. But HDPE is food safe and easy to clean. It makes a great top surface for the grinder, as well as the bottom pan, pressing discs, and pressure plate (as shown in the photos of my cidermaking equipment, which you can see HERE).

My hope is to have drain rack kits available soon, but there has been a setback in that department. I will eventually get back on track with this item.

Marlene (my wife) has been working to locate a company that can sew cider press filter bags at a reasonable price. As the planbook explains, you can get these bags from Lehmans in Kidron, Ohio. But we hope to offer our own pressing bags at a more reasonable price.

So things are progressing here with the Whizbang Cider project. My objective is to help you help yourself to great homemade apple cider. There are probably millions of bushels of cider-quality apples that go to waste every year in this country. That is a shame. We, the soon-to-be League of Whizbang Cidermakers will do something about that! Waste not, want not.


Since I’m in a Whizbang business mode, I’ll share with you a few other new developments.....

Just today I managed to get my blog/catalog at modified so that you can click and “add to cart” all the books and project parts I sell. Buying from Whizbang Books on the internet is now very convenient. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time.

I was able to get the shopping cart set up because I now have fast internet. I’ve labored under the limitations of dial-up for years. Finally, I decided to make the switch. The hold up was the monthly cost. I took care of that by disconnecting the Whizbang Books phone line. The cost of fast internet and my monthly phone bill were about the same. I’m relieved to be rid of the phone. It took messages and I was woefully negligent about returning calls. Besides that, most all my Whizbang business is done over the internet or through the mail. As an added bonus, fast internet now allows me to do more with my blog. You may have noticed a lot more photos and such being posted at this blog since the beginning of the year. That’s what fast internet can do for you.

If you have a hankering to build your own Whizbang Chicken Scalder, this month is a good time to buy the plan book. Scratch & dent copies are on sale this month for $10 off the retail price. Click Here For Complete Details (and a handy “Add to Cart” button).

The Planet Whizbang project is progressing. I’m even more excited about my Planet Whizbang gardening tool than I am the whole Whizbang Cider project (and I’m more than just a little excited about that). I will be explaining exactly what the Planet Whizbang is in the next day or two. I’ll be showing you a picture of this closely-guarded Whizbang secret.

And finally, before the end of this next week, I hope to reveal to you that “midlife crisis” birthday present I bought for myself 2-1/2 months ago (and just got last week).

Stay tuned....


Anonymous said...

How about a book sale?? I would like to have a copy of The Writings of a Deliberate Agrarian to read outloud to my 4 remaining children at home. I have been trying to talk my boys into getting serious about the whizbang plucker. I thought building one would be a great homeschool project! They have a mechanical bent, so with some help they can probably pull it off. Enjoy the blog!!

Anonymous said...

We'll be checking the post office box this week for our new book. It's coming just in time, Dh just finished my new awesome three bin composting setup, he needs a new project. (Oh yeah, we've got to build the chicken coop first) Thanks Herrick!!

fast eddie said...

Hi Herrick, just a few words on your Christian-Agrarian Disclaimer.I believe that first and foremost, a personal relationship with the Lord is the most important step a Christian can have.Everything else is secondary.I grew up as a catholic and never felt a close tie to the congregation. I have been involved in other churches, and seem to find that all I really need is the personal relationship I have found.Beware of soft shoe shufflers.Once again, you have hit the nail on the head.

Tracy said...

Hi Herrick,

Congrats on the new high speed internet.

Another suggestion (anything to help you save for that land ) for you is to sign up for a Skype phone number. We have not had a landline or cell phones for about 3 years now and strictly use Skype for this. You can buy a local phone number from them for people to call you and buy an unlimited US and Canada outgoing call account. We pay about $60 a year for all our phone needs.

Just another suggestion that may or may not work for you.


Daniel Way said...


My copy of the book arrived today. Looks great!

Thanks for the quick shipping.

Congrats on the service upgrade. We made a similar move a few months ago and are really enjoying the difference.

I think I will check out Skype as well.

I sure do enjoy your blog.

vdeal said...


My apple grinder & cider press book arrived today. Looks great! You should sell a bunch.

Robert said...

I've just finished reading my copy and I'm going to show it to my father-in-law - it'll be our next project together.

May I suggest a Whizbang Cider Grinder/Press competition, similar to what you run for the Garden Cart?

I do believe a found a spelling error that changes the meaning of a sentence. Shall I mention it here or privately?

Herrick Kimball said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.

I'll put the Deliberate Agrarian book on sale next month, just because you asked.

I like the sounds of Now that I have faster internet I can do things like that. And I will check out Skype. I have heard Howard Clark on the radio mention Skype. By the way, I appreciate you helping me achieve my dream of buying some land, debt free. I may be 60 years old before I can make that happen. But that is okay. I'm enjoying what I have, and the journey from here to there. :-)

Vdeal, Robert, Daniel-
Thanks for the positive feedback on the Whizbang Cider book. I've also gotten a couple of e-mails from others saying the same. That means a lot to me.

I realize there are typos. I don't mind if you point out an error here or e-mail me ( I will include it in an "updated information" link for the book at And I will make corrections in the second printing. I printed only 1,000 copies of this book to start, and I foresee a second printing fairly soon, so I can make the corrections then, and I appreciate your help with that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Herrick: Our book arrived today. Thanks, once again, for a fine product! I love the layout of the book. I don't know quite how to describe the design elements, except to say that it's easy on the eyes, with lots of space, the text in boxes, and large detailed drawings. You've done an excellent job! I'm not sure when hubby will get around to making our cider press, but we'll let you know...