The June 30, 2010
Monthly Update Has Been Posted

As explained below, I am no longer writing daily blog essays here.  

But I am posting a single end-of-the-month update
for those who are interested...

This new format is something like a monthly "Blogazine." 

You can read the current "issue" at this link:

If you are new to this site...

Welcome To The Deliberate Agrarian!

After four years and hundreds of essays, I ceased writing
almost-daily essays for this blog in April of 2009. But my body of
past writings remain here as a relevant testimony to the wisdom
and goodness found in a Deliberate Agrarian lifestyle.

I invite you to peruse the Deliberate Agrarian Archives
(links are in the column to your right)

There is a wealth of down-to-earth inspiration 
and how-to information to be found there.
I also invite you to read my last essay before 
changing to a monthly format. Here is the link:

Yours truly,
Herrick Kimball

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