Clothespin Countdown…

Dateline: 2 November 2013

Some handcrafted Classic American clothespins

Classic American clothespins are finally ready to go on sale…. next Saturday, Novemebr 9th at 10:00 AM. I will be posting the shopping cart button right here at this blog.  

To begin, I will be selling Assemble-Them-Yourself Clothespin Kits. Here's what the packaged kits will look like…

Here's a readable picture of what the kits say (click the picture to see an enlarged view)…

As you can see, there will be only 225 of the 20-clothespin kits sold. They will sell for $21.95, postage paid here at this blog for two days. First come, first served. If any kits are left after two days, the remainder will be sold at for $24.95. Here is a picture of the contents of one clothespin kit…

Instructions for finishing and assembling the clothespins in the kits are online At This Link.

Finished clothespins will not be available this year, and I do not expect to have them available next year. These kits will be the only way I'll be selling clothespins for the immediate future. Based on the feedback I get from people who buy these kits and put the clothespins to use, I will decide whether to proceed with the investment in more efficient production tools. And if I do decide to proceed with the idea, I don't expect to have more kits available for sale until later next year.

Thus far, everyone who gets their hands on one of these Classic American clothespins is impressed. One woman who was visiting here marveled at the quality of the handcrafted clothespins and remarked, "This is a million-dollar idea."

Well, maybe so, but an enormous amount of time and effort has gone into making these initial 4,500 clothespins, and I don't foresee ever making a lot of money at it. For now, I'm most concerned with getting these first kits out into the hands of as many people as possible and getting some honest feedback from those who actually put the clothespins to work.

If you're interested in getting one or more of these kits, stop back here next Saturday at 10:00 AM, Eastern Time. 

Thank you.


Warren said...


You are a man among men. Keep up the great work

Kportgal said...

What is the purpose of the 3 groves on the ends?

Herrick Kimball said...


They are grip grooves. They make it easier to hold the clothespin. And they really do make a difference.