Deliberate Agrarian Redux
March 2010

Dateline: 29 March 2014

Yours truly, with my Aunt Carolyn, when I was a Futureman.

New readers are coming to this blog all the time, and most new readers don't have the time or inclination to go back and read the hundreds of essays I've posted here over the years. So, once a month, I think I'll feature a Deliberate Agrarian Redux post, like this one…

Back in 2010 I was posting a single, monthly "blogazine,"  and my March 2010 blogazine elicited one of the harshest comments I've ever received here...

"My goodness, I've certainly never heard a conservative set up a phony moral high ground and then bash everyone down below with his scepter of Ultimate Moral Authority before. You're a greedy fool, old man, and you want to see the "bad" people's blood run out across the land like every other lazy minded, selfish bastard in the world. Too bad there are so many of you, we might have had a shot. Have fun playing pioneer and sneering at those wage slaves who'll never own land. I'm sure it feels mighty fine."

What did I say to bring that on? Well, see if you can figure it out…

Four years ago in March I dug up my garden clamp, which had perfectly preserved a cache of carrots and beets through the winter.

Four years ago I wrote about Obamacare, which had just passed. My editorial of that law is still, I believe, a valid analysis.

Four years ago I told of how I was voluntarily taking a 30% work reduction at my State job. I was dreaming that someday I would be able to completely leave the job and come home to work my Planet Whizbang business full time (that dream came true last year).

Four years ago I wrote about Victor Davis Hanson's book, The Other Greeks, which tells of the rise and fall of the Greek Mycenaean culture. Understanding what happened to the Mycenaean culture gives us some insights into the post-collapse world of our own culture.

Four years ago I posted a bunch of old pictures of myself and Marlene.

And four years ago I introduced the whimsical chicken art of Jax Hamlin, who is actually me. I have yet to follow through with my chicken art aspirations, but I still want to someday.

CLICK HERE to read the March 2010 Deliberate Agrarian blogazine.

Our $10,000 house, when we first built it.
(a picture from the March 2010 blogazine)


Anonymous said...

Well as they like to say, "Haters gotta hate". Just some crazy fool, that's all.

Flying Squirrel said...

Hello from Canada. I don't often comment on blogs, but I just wanted to say how heartened I felt to look through your posts and see how your family is pursuing agrarian lifestyle. Thank you for all the sacrifices you made ]. You might think (and be accused....) that it's just for you, but really, the rest of us are benefiting too! The land, the local economy, and little families like yours and mine who are trying to live a more natural human life. Keep up the good work! (and I'm going to show my husband the $10,000 house which is very beautiful!) You must be familiar with Wendell Berry, yes?

c w swanson said...

Nice craftsman style home, and Cadillac (and aunt, for that matter). Houses and cars haven't improved so much since then, have they?