My Deliberate Agrarian eBook
(For Only Three Days)

Dateline: 21 March 2014
UPDATE: 6/24, 7:00amWOW! The book made it to #1 at Amazon in the Christian Families category yesterday morning. The 99-cent sale ends at noon today. Thank you!

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I'm pleased to announce that I have finally managed to get my 2006 book, Writings of a Deliberate Agrarian: One Man's Ruminations About Faith, Family & Livin' The Good Life, republished as a Kindle eBook. My sincere thanks to Anna Hess at The Walden Effect for spurring me on and offering advice on how to get the project done (more about getting the project done below).

At the Kindle listing, I have described this book as follows:

Part memoir, part manifesto, the 32 essays in Writings of a Deliberate Agrarian are an introduction to the Christian-agrarian worldview. This book is a Biblically-based, contra-industrial call for cultural reformation through the restoration of productive family economies, working within the natural order of God's creation.

Did God intend for His people to live a simplified rural lifestyle? Are Christian families nurtured best and strengthened most within the agrarian paradigm? Does the fruit of the spirit grow fuller within Christian-agrarianism? Prepare to have your modern Christian suppositions challenged.

The message of this book can be summed up in a verse from the book of Jeremiah (6:16) in the Bible…

This is what the LORD says: "Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls…"

My book presents a Christian-agrarian vision for today and the years ahead. In so doing, it presents a message of hope for the future. While the industrialized culture around us appears to be self-destructing, and so many people are despondent, there is a hopeful, positive, ancient path that we can take. The Christian-agrarian vision I offer is not a quick fix,; it is a step-by-step, multigenerational journey towards a more authentic way of living and thinking. 

This book has garnered some wonderful reader reviews at This Amazon Page, where you can still purchase a print copy (for $11.66), as long as my dwindling supply lasts (I have no plans to reprint it)

The Kindle eBook version is slightly edited from the print version. I have changed some words and phrases. And I have added a short Epilogue Update at the end to bring readers up to date with what has happened in my family (who are featured in much of the book) over the nine years since the book was first published.

As the Epilogue chapter explains, in nine year's time, important parts of my "agrarian vision" have  become a reality—and they were far from reality when I wrote about them. A lot can happen in a few years.

I am selling this new eBook version of Writings of a Deliberate Agrarian for only 99-cents. But that price is for only three days. I will kick the price up to $2.99 Monday, March 24 at noon. CLICK HERE to purchase a copy of the 99-cent eBook.

If you don't have a Kindle reader, you can also download the book and read it on Smart Phones and Tablets. There is a free App for doing that at the eBook link above. And Amazon offers a no-cost way to read the book on your computer too.

Also, a neat feature with Kindle is that you can download a free sample of the book. There is a "Try it for Free" link on the sidebar at the "CLICK HERE" link above.

A Plea 
For Your Help

I rarely ask readers of this blog for help, but this is an exception. If you have enjoyed my writings here; if they have encouraged you, or inspired you, or entertained you, or taught you something new, would you please help me by telling your friends about this 3-day, 99-cent sale?

If you are tapped into Facebook or Twitter, (neither of which I use), or have a blog of your own, a simple mention and link to this blog post would, I'm sure, make a big difference and help to spread the word. There are buttons at the bottom of this post that, if need be, allow you to easily share this post to different social media.

If enough of these eBooks sell over the next three days, it will get noticed at Amazon, and that could lead to a lot of new people being introduced to the important messages I am trying to convey in the book. 

Beyond purchasing a copy yourself, and letting others know about it (via a link to this blog post), if you are so inclined, I would also appreciate a review of the book at Amazon. That really helps people decide to purchase the book (or not).

About Publishing 
This E-Book

For those who have never published a Kindle eBook, but think you might want to do so, I'm certainly not the best person to tell you how to do it. I'm surprisingly inept when it comes to computers. If you want to learn How to Butcher a Chicken, or  Build a Nifty Cider Press and Apple Grinder (stuff like that), I'm your guy. But I really struggle when it comes to computers.

Anna Hess (who has self-published 25 eBooks) encouraged me to learn how to format my own books for Kindle. So I plunged into the project, got to a certain point, and hit a technological brick wall of confusion. Getting my Apple Pages file in shape for the Kindle was just too much for me to handle (at least, for now). So I ended up hiring MrLasers

I e-mailed my word processing file to MrLasers. He looked it over and told me he could provide me with a file of the book to submit to Amazon for $150. There are places on the internet that will prepare a mobi file for Kindle for less than that, but I had a good feeling about MrLasers and, considering all the time I had spent trying to do the job myself (like most of a weekend), I had no problem paying that.

In less than a week, MrLasers had the book done. He e-mailed the file to me and sent me a PayPal invoice for the job. I wasted no time in figuring out how to get the file uploaded to Amazon. There is a neat feature there that allows authors to see how their book (as it was submitted) will look on different eReaders. If it isn't right, you can reformat it and try again. But MrLasers did a splendid job—the book was perfect. It is exactly what I wanted. Simple and clear, with a clickable table of contents to each chapter.

There are some eBook authors who make a lot of money selling their books on Kindle. I don't expect this book to make me a lot of money, especially at 99-cents (or even at $2.99, which the price will be after three days). The royalty payment for a book priced under $2.99 is 35%. So I'll make 35-cents on each 99-cent book. 

But making money with this book is really beside the point with me. I am just delighted to finally have it in an inexpensive Kindle version, and I hope it will now be read by a whole lot more folks. Also, this first eBook has been a learning experience and something of an obstacle that (with the help of Anna, MrLasers, and many online web sites) I have surmounted.


Thank you for your help spreading the word about this book!


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Tim B. Inman said...


How do we buy this? Could you put a link to the purchase site in your messages?

Herrick Kimball said...

Hi Tim,

There is a link in the post but I probably should have made several links. I'll do that, but here is a link, as you requested (and thank you for asking):

Writings of a Deliberate Agrarian

Julie said...

Bought my copy!

StewMeat said...

Bought mine too... Thanks!

Alex said...

Just bought a copy on, as I am in England, so hopefully that will help other British people who may be interested to find your excellent book. Congratulations on publishing the Kindle edition!

chipmunk said...

Yay! bought myself a copy.

Tim B. Inman said...

Thanks for the patience, and the extra links!

When I looked up the book on Amazon, I noticed you are not set up to allow your book to be 'borrowed' through the Kindle lending program. I have a couple of books on Amazon, and I allow them to be borrowed. I don't find that it takes away from sales at all, and you DO GET PAID for items people borrow on their Kindles.

Keep up the good work!

Herrick Kimball said...

Thank you All.

Alex— one of the nice things about an e-Book is that it's more accessible (and affordable) for people outside the US. You have purchased the first eCopy in the UK. You are something like a pioneer.

Tim— Thanks for the advice. I will do that. And I really appreciate the book review you left.

To the unknown other person from Chicago who left the first review—Thank you very much!

I will get back to blogging here on Monday afternoon, after this 3-day book bomb is over, and I will let y'all know how many copies were sold. I guessed I might sell 50, but it is already more than that. This is fun!