Deliberate Agrarian
Snippet #40

The Greatness of America
Was Founded On Agriculture

Dateline: 14 June 2014

I subscribe to the Wood Prairie Farm newsletter. The farm is located in Bridgewater, Maine, just down the road from where my Uncle Bill and Aunt Irene Yerxa used to live. I have fond memories of visiting Bridgewater in the summer vacations of my youth, and playing with my cousins, Mark and Morgan. 

Today's newsletter from Wood Prairie Farm featured the 1922 pictorial map pictured above. It is well worth taking a closer look at the map and you can do so At This Link. The web page at that link also shows 39 other maps with statistics related to agriculture and food in America.


Gail said...

Wonderful information.

Mike R. said...

I love the picture. Being a native Main-ah, we seem to have a little slice of heaven still here. Our farmers markets are always big sellers and people take the neighbors-helping-neighbors thing more seriously around here. I am constantly bartering with people and circumventing the Federal Reserve fiat currency system. I think people in rural places understand this principal more than people in big cities. I think our country was founded on self-sufficiency. Independence is what made this country great. The spirit of "I can do it for myself, or get help from my neighbors who I will in turn help." I believe this is what founded this country. Only the last 50 years we have truly abandoned this principal. Now we are seeing the results of this abandonment with the establishment of a tyrannical government which we ask too much from and a fiat currency protected by lies, manipulation, artificial scarcity, and currently in a state of collapse. The first and second amendment are the only two columns holding up our society and they are cracking a crumbling.

Unknown said...

Huge amount of information. I loved it! Thank you!