Four-Day Carrots
(My First YouTube Video)

Dateline: 14 July 2014

I have long thought that I should be creating YouTube videos. But I haven't made any because I knew nothing about the process, and I've been hesitant to invest any time and effort in the learning curve. 

That being the case, it is kind of a big deal (for me) to finally put together Four-Day Carrots, my first YouTube film clip. 

It took me around 10 hours, over the course of about a week, to surmount enough little obstacles to produce the 15-minute movie above. I used the iMovie software that came with my computer. The film is heavily edited to eliminate the worst of my verbal shortcomings, and to condense it into the 15 minutes allowed by YouTube.

It's a good feeling to have taken this first step. There is surely a lot of room for improvement, but hopefully I can stick with this and get a little better with each movie I make.

If you watch the movie at YouTube (Here is The Link) and like it, please click the "like" button. Then let your gardening friends know all about it.

And I thank you.

About "Four-Day Carrots"

In my Planet Whizbang Idea Book For Gardeners I write in the Introduction that "ideas beget more ideas, and even the best of ideas can often be improved on." 

With that in mind, "Four-Day Carrots" shows how I've refined my tri-growing carrots idea (on page 87 of the book) by planting them in a bed that has been "conditioned" with an occultation cover. I learned about the occultation cover idea from Jean-Martin Fortier's book, The "Market Gardener," and wrote about it back in May At This Link.

The other improvement on the idea is to plant into a bed that is covered with a black plastic mulch, similar to Tom Doyle's system for "Plant and Pick" gardening, which I blogged about Here and Here.


Mike R. said...

Awesome video Herrick. A new frontier! I'm sure it will do as well as all the other undertakings.

Anonymous said...


Where do you find time to rest?

cntrydad said...

Great video! Sure beats my rows of massive weeds with a few carrots interspersed.

vdeal said...


You did a great job on the video. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have used your other carrot growing technique to great success this year. Keep up the good work and I'll wait for more videos. BTW, that's a lot of carrots!

Cj said...

Nice work!

Anonymous said...


I really like your system here. It is inspiring me to expand my garden by encouraging me to hope I won't have to do as much weeding!

Quick question: what is your irrigation system, are you using soaker hoses?

Thanks much,


Unknown said...

Hello Mr. Kimball,
Such a pleasure to hear you "in person", so to speak. You always inspire me, but being a person of the TV generation (52 y/o) seeing a video helps convey your ideas more thoroughly. I was planning to get your book before, but now I am highly motivated. 4 days vs. 3 weeks....I'm sold!
I also want to order some clothespins. We put up our clothesline last month amd have been challenged to fuality pins. And you should pa
rtner up with Julie from Prairie Pin Pouch and do a giveaway or contest. I just received my first pouch.
Your video itself was excellent. Learning curves can be brutal. Hang in there 'cause I really enjoyed it. Pam

Frank and Fern said...

Congratulations! It's always nice to learn the beginning stages of a new way to share what you know with others. Thank you for your effort.


Anonymous said...

Great Video!! This is sure to reach a whole new audience. A younger generation that thinks gardening is cool, but do not have time to read a book. Just about everthing they learn is from youtube.

Matt B said...


Great video! It was a great surprise to start off an otherwise excruciating Monday morning (I'm still stuck in my "prison" job). Please, keep them coming! You do a great job explaining things but I will always, always, always understand something better if it can be presented to me visually.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the video and the knowledge it imparts. Every post from you is a treat! I am very curious to find out how the storing method you are planning to use for you carrots works out. May every carrot be bright and straight.

Ann from KY said...

I watched the carrot video and really enjoyed it! Your garden pics really inspired me as well! I have the Gardening book and finally got it back after it made the rounds through the family!

One question, will you thin to 3 carrot plants per hole? when will you do this?

Also, you did a nice job for your first time on the video. I would suggest a tripod or something to hold the camera a little steadier if possible.

You made me feel like I could do this too with the pictures up close of everything. Thanks for taking the time to do it! God bless, Ann from KY

Mark said...

Great Video and idea. I tried your t post tomato trellis this year and it is working great. Any ideas on vole control?

Herrick Kimball said...

Thank you everyone for the encouraging comments. I am very surprised that the video has so many views already at YouTube.

Re: the subject of getting rest…. Puttering around in my garden is a form of rest for me. :-)

We are juicers here, and the grandson likes carrot juice too. So we will use lots of carrots.

I never irrigate and very rarely water my garden. I sometimes fertigate squashes using one of the Whizbang bucket irrigation kits I make and sell.

There is no need to irrigate in my climate with a bed of carrots like I show. The black plastic keeps the soil underneath moist. Capillary soil moisture will supply the carrots. There are no weeds to suck up moisture and the carrots are not spaced so close that the normal soil moisture can't keep them hydrated.

Hi Pam—
Thank you. I hope to get back to making clothespins again in August. That's the plan.

Ann from KY—
Yes, the carrots will be thinned to one per pinch of seed planted, or three per hole in the plastic. I will thin when they are around 3" high. I may film the thinning.

I'd like to see you make a video showing how you start plants in the spring using the tobacco starting method. I was going to mention it here a few months ago but never got to it.

Mama Kitty catches a lot of voles and chipmunks around here.

Speaking of Mama Kitty, she and I filmed a short introduction segment this morning for my next video attempt. I think it will be an improvement over the first. This is fun…...

Lisa said...

Nicely done, Herrick. I've been reading our copy of your book, Writings by a Deliberate Agrarian, and have to say it's nice to have a voice to put to your essays. Best wishes on the videos and happy gardening! We're putting in fall carrots today, but I have to admit, we'll be doing so old school (which means the kids draw lines with their fingers and then fill the lines with seed). All the best to you and yours,

Marsh Creek Farmstead said...


What program are you using to edit your videos? Im a new youtube guy as well and so far my videos are somewhat less excellent than yours are. I would like to upgrade my production value!

Herrick Kimball said...

Marsh Creek—

It's called iMovie. It came installed on my iMac. I watched tutorials on YouTube to learn what I've learned so far.

Best wishes.

Unknown said...

Hi Herrick,

Thank you for your 4-day carrot videos. I was wondering 2 things about this method...
1) What is the best way to cut the holes in the plastic?
2) What material did you use for the disc covers, and how did you cut it?

I guess that is 3 questions, sorry!

Thank you for any help you can provide.