A Beloved Book

Dateline: 12 August 2014

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When it comes to garage sales, I always check out the books. The above book was an odd find. As you can see, Jane Carley, the apparent owner, re-read the book eight times in 26 years, and made note of each reading inside the cover. Clearly, this was a beloved book.

My guess is that Jane Carley has passed on. Were she still alive she surely would not have sold this book!

I showed it to Marlene and she told me to go ahead and buy it. She figured that if another woman enjoyed the book that much, there is a good chance she would like it too. 

So I paid a dollar for it. I probably could have offered the person fifty cents and got it for that, but I didn't bother. Here is the title of the book…

You are probably aware of the book, Anne of Green Gables, by Lucy Maude Montgomery. Anne of Ingleside is one of at least six sequels to Anne of Green Gables.

I grew up with a copy of Anne of Green Gables in my family's bookshelf. It was my mothers. She read it as a young girl and kept it. I remember her telling me she really liked the book. So I endeavored to read it, but I didn't get far. I think it's a story more geared for the opposite sex.

Nevertheless, I can tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Anne of Green Gables series made by Sullivan Entertainment.

More than that, Marlene and I have really enjoyed the Road to Avonlea series by Sullivan Entertainment. Road to Avonlea is a take off on Anne of Green Gables. It is something like a Canadian version of Little House on the Prairie.

I have a feeling that most of you who read this are already aware of the Road to Avonlea series. But if not, check it out. You're in for a pleasant surprise.


Anonymous said...

Hi Herrick,
Glad you found one of the "Anne" books to read. Being a Canadian, I have read the whole series (more than once) and enjoyed both the movie and the Road to Avonlea TV series. However, Road to Avonlea is not really a takeoff on the Anne books. It is based on another L.M. Montgomery book called "The Story Girl". The characters are mostly different but the setting is the same. I'm not trying to nitpick, just thought you'd like to know :-)
My husband and I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and have tried many of your ideas. I bought him your Whizbang gardening book last year and he has used the recipe for soil remineralization with great results, made solar pyramids, and planted out some new strawberry plants using Mr. Roe's ideas. All have worked really, really well. Thanks!!

Ivy Mae said...

The best book in the Anne series by far is Rilla of Ingleside, which details the homefront of WWI by following Anne's youngest daughter Rilla. I wish someone would make a faithful movie version of it!

SharonR said...

The "Anne" books and the "Little House" books are two equally favorite of mine.

Herrick Kimball said...

I appreciate you setting me straight with "The Story Girl." Now that you have mentioned it, I think I knew that. And I appreciate the feedback on the Garden Idea book!

Interesting. I didn't know of Anne's daughter. She was obviously named after Marilla Cuthbert. I may have to try reading the first Anne book again this winter.

SheilaG said...

You can also get the kindle version for $.99 on amazon.
They have several versions. One is about Rilla? (new series for me)
I use kindle on my computer too, then I transfer what I want onto my Hand held kindle when I need to.
This is great for reading this winter. Thank you!

Alex said...

I love the idea of writing in the book when you read and re-read it. I have books that I have re-read a dozen times. I am a bit of a bibliophile but when I was young my family was quite poor so despite my voracious appetite for reading I didn't have very many books of my own. Now I have hundreds but still re-read some of my childhood books (which were mainly books for adults, not for kids).