A Quick Trip

1 August 2014

Grizzly store at the Lycoming Mall

Last Friday, about 4:30 in the afternoon, Marlene and I headed south. Our destination was the Grizzly outlet store , which is right next to the Lycoming Mall in Muncy, Pennsylvania. Muncy is three and a half hours from where we live. It was pretty much a spur of the moment decision. 

I was on a mission to buy a shaper to use for making my Classic American clothespins. Last year I used router tables. They did the job, but I am hoping to make use of a power feeder, and a lightweight router table won't support the power feeder. A shaper has a solid, cast iron work surface. It also has a motor that is more suited to running for hours at a time.

Marlene likes to take trips. She doesn't have to deal with making meals and housework when she is away from home. And with the kids all grown up, vacations are less work for her than they used to be. Me, I'm not big on traveling. It's a hassle, especially with a mail order business. As Marlene tells people, I don't get out much. So driving anywhere that requires an overnight stay is unusual for me. 

We drove as far as Corning, New York on Friday afternoon. Marlene made reservations at the Quality Inn Comfort Inn (see comments). She likes the Quality Inn Comfort Inn because the beds are comfortable, and they have really nice pillows. They also have a continental breakfast, which is important. We had dinner that night at a restaurant that makes pizza in a wood-fired oven. It was a good meal.

Next morning we got our continental breakfast. I ate some sort of pseudo omelet, with a strip of faux bacon, Dannon yogurt, like-orange juice, and a sad little blueberry muffin, while being entertained by FOX news on a big screen TV. I don't watch television, and I rarely eat fake food, so that was kind of different.

The weather was good and we got to the Lycoming Mall with no problem. We checked out the Mall for awhile. I bought a couple of summer shirts on sale, then waited patiently while Marlene shopped at some women's clothing stores. I don't think she actually bought anything.

For lunch we went to a Cracker Barrel. I like Cracker Barrel. The food is good and they have an abundance of old agrarian artifacts hanging all over the place. The restaurant is akin to an agrarian-themed museum. 

I had trout, turnip greens, cole slaw, and a couple corn muffins. I haven't had trout in years. I wonder where Cracker Barrel trout comes from? Maybe I don't want to know.

It occurred to me that the last time I ate at a Cracker Barrel was with Michael Bunker in Binghamton, New York. I checked my old blog posts to find out that was way back in June of 2006—long before Michael became a famous sci-fi indie author. 

It also occurred to me that I probably have enough old agrarian artifacts to outfit a small Cracker Barrel restaurant.

We finally got to the Grizzly store. It's a big place. I liked it. I got the tool I went there to get, and a few others besides.

We stopped at a Panera restaurant in Ithaca for dinner and got home just about exactly 24 hours after we left. 

Mission accomplished.

Marlene and I had a good time. She thinks I'm more relaxed and fun when I get away from home. She might be right. And she's already thinking about our next mini vacation.


Unknown said...

We just had a mini vacation. Thirty-two hours. We left yesterday morning for Lake Winnipesauke with a side trip to Costco. This is the only time we will get away this year. We went to see Steely Dan perform at Meadowbrook. We returned home at five this evening. We had three different people helping us with our pets and livestock. Even though I didn't have to, I was awake at five thirty this morning and ready to go home. We too had a complimentary continental breakfast consisting of nonfood items. I wanted to shake people and chide them for serving that crap.
I could go on about people and their behaviors that we encountered, but it is really not worth it. It was a phenomenal concert. They are my favorite musicians from my youth. I am glad we went but ever more glad to be home.
It is good to step out of your comfort zone if only to appreciate what you have.

Herrick Kimball said...

Hi Pam,

Sounds like a nice mini vacation. Your mention of Steely Dan prompted me to go to YouTube and watch a 1973 performance of "Reeling in The Years." it has been a long time since I heard that song!

Every so often I will go to YouTube and watch old clips of musicians from the 1970's. Their songs are familiar, but in most instances, I didn't know what they looked like. Then I'll go to Google images and see what the musicians look like today (If they are still alive).

I used to like Gordon Lightfoot and was shocked to see what he looks like these days. The two Steely Dan band members who are still on the road look like they've aged pretty well.

When I watched the 1973 Steely Dan YouTube clip, the one guitar player (Walter Becker) reminded me of Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson, who I never knew anything about until recently. Wilson only made it to 27 years old. His song, Going Up The Country (1968) is a classic of that era.

Jim said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good time.

As far as where the trout came from, odds are that it came right near where I live in Idaho. Near 90% of all the commercially grown trout in the U.S. are grown within a 5 mile radius of where I live.
Don't know for sure, but probably so. I know several of the drivers that deliver semi-loads weekly all around the country.

Unknown said...

Let me just say that although Jeff Baxter and Michael McDonald were not performing, it was truly phenomenal. Although Donald was losing his voice in Reelin' in the years. They didn't tour much but I did see them on their first tour back together in the early 90's at Fiddler's Green in Denver. This weekend was a better concert. As a matter of fact, although he was losing his voice, it was the best song of the night (Reelin') followed closely by Bodhisattva.
And here's something to make you chuckle...we got there early and listened to the warm up band on an adjacent stage and relaxed and had an alcoholic beverage (one of the two or three I have all year). I was looking around and commented to my husband something to the effect that there sure were a bunch of old people at this concert. He laughed and asked me to go look in the mirror.

That was a great song by Canned Heat. I never knew anything about them or Alan Wilson. Very interesting.
When I am in the house doing housework or canning or something, I put the 60's channel on Direct TV. Plays some great songs that the local "classic rock/classic hits" station doesn't play. And better yet, no commercials.
But when I am not reminiscing, I listen to a wide range of music. Gipsy Kings, Ottmar Liebert, Sons of the Pioneers, Don Edwards, Waddie Mitchell, Red Steagall. I also listen to old, old country...Patsy Cline etc. I do like one contemporary western singer, Joni Harms. One or two of her songs would definitely resonate with you and her children's album would be awesome for your grandson.
And old Irish pub music...the Dubliners, Clancy Brothers etc.
But an 80's band would be my second favorite band...The B52's. I do have mighty eclectic tastes.
Enough about music though. Time to get back to chores...

Herrick Kimball said...

It's Comfort Inn, not Quality Inn, that I like. You need to change it. And I'm thinking Columbus Day weekend for another quick trip.
Love you,

Herrick Kimball said...


I've made the change. Sorry about that. At least I got half of the name right!

Columbus Day weekend sounds good, as long as it's not freezing weather. As you know, someone needs to be here to keep the fire going when it gets too cold.


Herrick Kimball said...

Thanks for the insight about where the Cracker Barrel trout is probably from. I never would have known.

None of those musicians rings a bell with me. I'll check them all out on YouTube one of these days. Thanks.

Nick L said...

Hi Herrick,

Years ago we were listening to Going Up The Country and my friends daughter thinks it Kermit the Frog.

Mini-vacations are a great thing, don't worry about the fake food it is only once and a while. I believe getting away from your routine is good for your thought processes, I bet you come up with new Whizbang ideas. Enjoy!

Nick L