Four-Day Carrots
Part 2

Dateline: 24 August 2014

"Four-day" carrots, at 46 days old

My very first YouTube video, Four-Day Carrots, is getting a lot of views. So I've made a follow-up video, and I uploaded it to the internet a few minutes ago. Here's the link…  Four-Day Carrots, Part 2

Part 2 shows the progress of the tri-grown bed of carrots from 6 days to 46 days. I show how I scissors-thin the carrots, answer a couple of questions, and give some concluding remarks.

I don't know if I will make a Part 3. Perhaps this winter I will dig some carrots out of the bed and make a glass of carrot juice. That would be a good conclusion to the story.

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Lorraine Barnett said...

I love this tutorial. Your carrots look amazing and what a huge difference in getting carrots up in four days as compared to 3 weeks. My spring carrots took more like 4 weeks for me. I thought they'd never come up! I am encouraged to do some experimenting. Thanks!!