Herrick's 3-Second
Garden Tour
(Another YouTube Video)

Dateline: 15 August 2014

Lovely courgette and blossom in my garden. 
Click the picture to see a larger view.

Yes, it's true…. I've managed to crank out another video at YouTube. This is mini movie #3 for me. Making these things is now less of a mystery, and they are fun to do. 

The discouraging part is uploading the finished product to YouTube. I don't have the ability to upload the highest clarity, and it took well over an hour to upload this particular clip. 

It also took 19 upload attempts before it finally went through.  Part of the problem is that if my phone rings, my internet disconnects for a few minutes. I don't know why that is, but it can be discouraging, especially when I've got a movie almost-but-not-quite uploaded. If the phone rings, I have to start all over. 

You can go take a tour of my garden at this link... Herrick's 3-Second Garden Tour

P.S. I think this little tour of my garden will be particularly fun to watch this winter, when we are all thinking and dreaming about next year's garden.


Anonymous said...

What a great garden. I see you talked about tomato blight. I was socked with early blight this year and last year. Been wondering the best way to fight it. Would using Actinovate® be a good alternative? I been growing my own garlic for 8 years now with your help. Also helped many other people get started. I want to thank you Herrick for all the info that you provide. Also have some great looking countertops that my wife and I made from your great countertop book. Thanks Much!

Anonymous said...

Wow! So inspiring! Thanks for taking the time to put this together....a picture(s) is worth a thousand words. Makes me want spring again.
Psalm 90:17
deb h

Lorraine Barnett said...

Ditto to the INSPIRING comment! I love looking at your garden, clearly tended with care and diligence. Makes me want to run out and weed! Gardening is just food for the soul, isn't it? Thanks for sharing. I am going to try the dried greens in yogurt. I have only used them for green smoothies but yogurt....mmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Hello Herrick,
I enjoyed the garden tour, nicely put together. This season I have used several of the Garden Book ideas. Growing tomatoes on the wire trellis, they are doing well. Using E.P. Roe's single strawberry plant method, been pruning runners all summer. And a variation of the carrot method, I used the edge of a board to indent the rows then carefully sowed seed and covered with dirt then plywood. Sprouted in 5 days, then raised plywood a few inches to nurse them along for a few more days. Now they are a couple inches tall, the best start to a carrot patch I've ever had. I enjoy the blog. Thank you,


Herrick Kimball said...

Hello netwurk—
Thanks for the positive feedback. I've never heard of Actinovate and will check it out. I need to do some research on blight and blight prevention. It's almost unavoidable when the season is cold and wet. I have one tall tomato trellis that is still unaffected by this year's tomato blight. Countertops? I rarely hear anyone mention my very first how-to book anymore. Glad to know you put the information to good use.

Deb H—
Isn't it nice that every year, in the spring, we get another chance at gardening? It's like a blank canvas, and we get to paint a new picture. I like that Bible verse. I'm sure I've read it before but didn't notice it.

Thanks. As nice as the pictures look, I must confess that there are portions of my garden that need weeding. But black plastic for mulch really does help!

It puts a smile on my face to hear that you are putting some of the ideas to work in your garden. Thanks.

Mike R. said...

Herrick, I must say you are an impressive fellow. While our political views are very similar, I still find your gardening info and ideas to be most fascinating. I have already asked my long time girlfriend to buy me some of your books for Christmas. It's is literally all I will ask for this year. You are an inspiration to us who look for ways to combat the current system of food control. I am always thankful that God has blessed me with the gift of growing things. But I would also like to thankyou for all the great ideas!

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem, at my shop with my computer disconnecting when phone rang. It turned out to be my router. Great Garden by the way.