Blessing Marci

Dateline: 22 January 2015

I was sorry to find out yesterday that Marci Blubaugh has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. For those who don't know, Marci and her husband, Mike, live a deliberate agrarian lifestyle in Ohio. Marci started blogging back in early 2006 (around the same time I did). The Blugaugh's have a web site and blog at Amazing Graze Farm.

Scott Terry has written about Marci and the difficult situation she is facing at this link: Prayers and Help For Our Friend Marci.  Quinn, at Reformation Acres has also blogged about Marci: Some Sad News.

To "bless" someone is to "invoke Divine care" (as the dictionary puts it) and to provide that person with something good or desirable.  

In this case, anyone reading this can bless Marci Blubaugh by praying for her, sending a card, and sending a gift. I intend to do all three. 

There is a Caring Bridge site for Marci HERE. Scott Terry has posted a mailing address for cards and donations at his blog post (link above).

I hope that many of you who read this will make time in your busy day (today and in the days ahead) to remember Marci Blubaugh, and bless her as much as you can.

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