Tri-Grown Hakueri Turnips

Dateline: 31 August 2015

My tri-grown Hakueri turnips

After Writing About Survival Gardening And Turnips back in June, and getting such great feedback from readers of this blog, I decided to procure some turnip seeds and grow a few of these nutrition-packed vegetables.  

The Hakurei turnip seems to be a variety that many people like so I decided to tri-grow a sampling of them in some of the 3" diameter holes of my Tom Doyle plant-and-pick "test plot." The picture above shows the satisfying results. 

I am new to turnips so have no basis for comparing the Hakueri to any other. But I will say that the Hakueri is mild with a slight radish flavor. I picked one, washed it off, and ate the whole thing raw. Not bad. We have been adding them to garden salads, which we have every day now. The Hakurei is an ideal addition to salads. I have lots more seed and will surely grow more next year.

I also took one reader's suggestion and planted some Seven Top turnips, which are grown primarily for the greens. These were also planted in the Tom Doyle test plot circles—a sprinkling of seeds in each hole. They have grown very well and we will be giving these a try very soon.

Seven Top turnip greens

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Elizabeth L. Johnson said...

My mother-in-law grows and eats turnips, and rutabagas. Seems like such old-fashioned vegies. I'll have to read your earlier comments to see the nutritional value. My mangle beets are 'bout 15 inches tall; very impressive as upcoming hen fodder.