Whizbang Cider—Part 2
Pressing The Apple Mash
(Now On YouTube)

Dateline: 15 January 2016 AD

Last October I managed to get Whizbang Cider: Part 1—Grinding Apples To Mash put together and uploaded to YouTube.  And today (three months later) I finally got Whizbang Cider: Part 2—Pressing The Apple Mash on YouTube. 

It took 18 hours for the film to upload. I could have done it faster, but the image quality would have been less. 

The film is nearly a half hour long, but anyone who has an interest in making their own apple cider should find the video  very informative and inspiring. 

My Whizbang cider-making system is the least expensive, easiest to use, and most efficient home-scale cider making system out there. I say that having used and studied other home-scale cider making equipment since the late 1970s.  

Even if you already have one of the more common, heavy, traditional-style cider presses, you can greatly increase the efficiency of the unit by pressing a rack-and-cloth "cheese" in your tub (as I show in the video above). And, of course, there is no easier, faster way to grind apples to mash than in a homemade Whizbang apple grinder.

Making cider is a great family and community activity. And now is the time to be thinking, planning, and preparing for cider season 2016.


The following picture was sent to me a couple years ago by a chap in the UK. Note the rock wall (I love rock walls) and the four "cider smiles." Also, these cider makers chose to build and press a "cheese" without  the support of a tub.

Those young folks had a lot of fun and made a great memory around the work of making apple cider.

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