Joshua Sheats
Radical Personal Finance

Dateline: 31 March 2016

The Joshua Sheats family in 2015

I discovered the Radical Personal Finance web site day before yesterday. Joshua Sheats is the guy behind the web site, and central to the web site is a large archive of podcasts (311 of them so far).  

Radical Personal Finance interested me, and today, while working at some of the more tedious tasks of my business, I listened to four podcasts. 

Every podcast I listened to was well worth listening to. Joshua does an excellent job. I like his style.

But when I listened to Podcast #304, titled The Value of Full-Time Mothers and Fathers As Compared to Full-Time Wage Earners, I was blown away. 

I never expected a Biblically-grounded message to be presented. And I thought it was presented so incredibly well to a secular audience. 

But what really amazed me was that it was like Joshua Sheats had tapped into my brain, taken my exact thoughts, and expressed them with the spoken word better than I could ever dream of doing.

Joshua's explanation of the ordained responsibilities of a husband and wife in a properly-functioning Christian family is powerfully compelling. What he says is what my wife and I have believed and deliberately LIVED for the past 35 years of our marriage. And we have experienced a beautiful marriage as a result.

There is transcendent, life-changing wisdom in Radical Personal Finance podcast #304. 

Joshua Sheats. Radical Personal Finance. Check out some of his podcasts. I think you'll like this man.

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