Herrick Kimball
Is Interviewed By
Stewardculture Magazine
(Part 1)

Dateline: 8 April 2016

If you publish a book and write a blog like this one, you will get requests for audio interviews and speaking engagements. Most authors crave that sort of thing. I don't. I have declined all audio interviews since starting this blog. I'm just not a quick enough thinker to be a good talker. And I'm not interested in traveling to any speaking engagement because, frankly, I'd rather stay home. I happen to like my home, and I have a lot to do here. Besides that, I'm something of an introvert.

But I've always been open to the possibility of a written interview. So when Dan Gibbs, the editor of Stewardculture magazine asked if I'd be interested in doing an interview for his fine publication, I didn't hesitate to agree to the idea.

Inside the cover of Issue #6 (pictured above) Dan Grubbs bills my interview as "rare."  Well, that it is!

I invite you to check out the interview. Here's a link: Stewardculture Magazine Issue #6

And while you're there, be sure to read the other articles too. 


Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

A lovely interview Herrick. Thank you for sharing.

ELittle said...

Hi Herrick, tried to read the interview but could not make out the words they were so small. tried using the slider on the left side of the page to get them to readable size, but then could not scroll up or down without going back to full minus on the slider. Must be something I don't know about using that particular link. Any Ideas?

Cheryl in Oklahoma said...

Hi EVERETT R. LITTLEFIELD: at the lower right side, click on the two arrows pointing away from each other, this will make the magazine full screen. Now, next to the arrows, click on the the symbol that looks like a page with the right corner folded, that will give you a one page view which can be scrolled vertically with the up and down arrows at the bottom of the page, in the middle. You can also enlarge the type with the plus slider on the lower left: click your mouse pointer on the line between - and + to enlarge the type in increments. Push the Esc key on the keyboard, upper left, to go back to normal view. I always enjoy reading your comments, thank you!

Cheryl in Oklahoma said...

Herrick, congratulations! Wow! Featured on the cover. Excellent article and pictures. I'm looking forward to the Summer issue for the final installment of your interview. Thank you so much for all your great writings. Now get ready for lots more orders as more people discover the great Whizbang products!

Herrick Kimball said...

Thanks everyone.

Everett, I found the format confusing to use at first. Cheryl has explained how to get the best picture very well (thanks, Cheryl). I have just added a visual tutorial to the bottom of my blog post. Hope that helps.

ELittle said...

Cheryl and Herrick, A big Homer Simpson"DUH" for me! Geez, now it all makes sense, and as usual from up there in Monrovia outback, another great piece of writing!

Cheryl, I went to school out there in Norman back in my teenage days. No I wasn't going too "SOONER" school, but to one run by the US Navy. We used to go to a place called the Katz Drug store to ogle the girls! Absolutely loved tat place. Thanks for the kind words and the help for an old far*. Best Everett

Bill said...

I'm intrigued by the point you make about books--"how to" books will sell steadily for a long time, versus novels or memoirs that usually don't sell much. But perhaps even more important than the financial component (although it's nice to see a return on all the effort that goes into writing a book), I like the point about a "how to" book being a resource that folks can come back to time and again and that helps people as they pursue an an authentic agrarian life.

Unknown said...


Thanks for the gracious gift of your time and attention for the virtual interview and a bit of promotion on your popular blog. We are appreciative of your insights. You well express what many of us feel when it comes to our life lived with God in His creation. Our publication will have to go a long way to top this two-part series. But, we will work hard to help spread information about how people can better steward God's handiwork.

May His light shine upon you,

Dan Grubbs, editor
Stewardculture Magazine

Herrick Kimball said...


Back in the day, I wrote several articles for Fine Homebuilding magazine, and then three books for The Taunton Press, the company that publishes that magazine. I visited their headquarters in Connecticut several times over the years and I clearly recall the book acquisitions editor telling me that the sales trajectory of their typical how-to book was a short upward spike when released, then the sales leveled off and the book would sell a steady number for years to come. So, how-to books don't have to be a "Best Seller" to be a good income producer (in the long run).

It is nice to see a tangible return for all the work that goes into creating a book, though it doesn't always work out that way. There are just so many books on the market these days! I do like the idea of creating how-to resources that can help people live a more "authentic agrarian life."

Herrick Kimball said...


Thanks for the kind words. It was a pleasure doing the interview. I appreciate the effort and focus you are putting into Stewardculture magazine.

My interest in doing the interview was partly selfish... I wanted to have another form of written personal testimony (beyond my Deliberate Agrarian book) for my family now, and as a legacy that may have some impact on my future generations. Which is a concept that I think ties in with your thought-provoking article in this issue about standing stones.

I'll be putting a link to the interview on my sidebar here and hopefully it will funnel some new readers to Stewardculture in the days ahead.

Herrick Kimball said...

Cheryl (and anyone else who is interested)—

In Part 2 of my Stewardculture interview I will answer questions about the differences between moderns and agrarians. I'll discuss why I garden and why I enjoy gardening. And I'll give my opinion about how we can practice agriculture that is God glorifying.

Herrick Kimball said...

One more thing....

For those who don't know, Dan has a Stewardculture Facebook page too. Here's the link: Stewardculture on Facebook

Unknown said...

Ok, now I'm hooked! After reading your interview, which I loved, I looked around the site, and yep, I got hooked! I just spent a very long time reading there, and almost forgot dinner! LOL I think I may have to "join up" with them. I have a bit more to learn about the site and how to use it, but I already like it. I have to tell you, that seeing Futureman was so exciting, that all I could do was laugh when I saw you two together on that page. I kept thinking about when you "rolled" him around in the wheelbarrow into the bushes. How he laughed, and how much fun it was for both of you. I enjoyed the interview very much, and I'm looking forward to seeing the second part too. Bless, Sheila

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