Here's The Future of Food Share List

Many folks responded to my offer to borrow and view The Future of Food documentary movie. Several of those people did not, however, have an internet blog, and a couple people said they had blogs but I just couldn’t get to them from my computer, and I’m very sorry but I would rather keep this little film-share experiment within the United States, at least on this go around.

That said, the following list of bloggers will be getting the film, in the order I have them listed here. I’m looking forward to seeing how this idea works and I’m looking forward to the bloggers here helping to spread the word about this excellent movie by mentioning it at their blogs.

By the way, the first two bloggers listed are brand new to the world of Christian-agrarian blogging. I encourage you to visit their blogs and welcome them to the community. In fact, please do visit all the bloggers here who are new to you and see what they are writing about.

The Midwest Southener

The Junior Agrarian

Billy Joe Jim Bob

Allelon Farm

KS Milkmaid

Straining Onward

ND Homekeeper

Homestead Herbs

Adventures in Amateur Agriculture

Hopeful Agrarian

Vita Familiae

Garden of Yizreel

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