A Whizbang Poem

Dateline: 23 June 2006

Earlier this month, fellow Central new Yorker Mike Miller contacted me by e-mail to see if his 11-year-old doughter, Clara, could interview me for a school science project on inventors. The Miller family raises and processes their own polutry with a homemade Whizbang plucker which, as many of you know already, I developed and published plans for. I did not actually invent the plucker. I took the mechanical concept employed by expensive commercial plucking machines and figured out how to make an inexpensive homemade version using common materials and basic handyman skills. So I invented the Whizbang design. Anyway, I agreed and Clara e-mailed six questions which I promptly answered.

A few days ago, Clara wrote to thank me for answering the questions. She said: “I ended up getting 100% on my report and my teacher is a hard grader! Plus, I had to write a poem to go along with my report and I thought you might want to hear it.”

Well, I certainly did, and with the author’s permission, it’s my pleasure to share with you....

The Whizbang
by Clara V. Miller

We grab a chicken from the pot,
Toss it in while it’s still hot!

Spray some water and pull some levers,
Pretty soon there’re no more feathers!

So stop by our farm if you get a chance,
and you can see the chicken dance!

After you enjoy our chicken dinner,
you’ll say this plucker is a real winner!

So thank you Mr. Herrick Kimball
for making our plucking job so simple!

Thank you Clara Victoria Miller for such a thoughtful and delightful little poem!


the Polyphonic Poet said...


A Whizbang Poem!

A fitting tribute to the Whizbang Plucker designer.


Kansas Milkmaid said...

Oh Herrick this is so timely. I am just in from a break from butchering our birds. It is good to hear poems cuz this job is still yucky. *stomach churns* Please Tell Marlene thanks for the card, brochure and the comic stip. It is now on my fridge. It brightened my day for sure!!!