You Know You're An Agrarian If....

I've been intending to post here asking readers to finish the sentence, "You know you're an agrarian if....."

But Marci over at her blog, Down On The Farm sort of beat me to it. She is running a contest asking the question, "You might belong on a homestead if...." and she has gotten some good answers.

A couple of my own answers to the question would be:

....if you know what a chicken tractor is.

....if you have a chicken tractor on your front lawn.

....if you would rather talk about chicken tractors and poultry processing and gardening and making compost and stuff like that instead of current television programs and sports and stuff like that (which you don't have a clue about).

....if all your family vacations involve visiting some sort of living history museum (i.e. Sturbridge Village) or an agricultural fair.

....if you grow your own ammo for your spudgun(s).

If you have your own ideas for finishing the sentence, please click on the link to Marci's blog and contribute it there.


Chicken Mama said...

I'm with you on every one of those except the ammo for the spudguns- my kids (and husband!) haven't thought of those yet.

Just got our second chicken tractor in service and planning a newer and more improved design for another one in the near future.

Ahhh....I love this life!!


Anonymous said...

we only have seven acres between us and our son and daughter in love 2 grandsons and granddaugher "in the oven") but we have three chicken tractors, 10 ducks, 4 cats, 2dogs and one pig (the other is already in the freezer and he sure tastes good!).

I enjoy your blog.

tbishop said...

...if you visit the American Livestock Breeders Conservancy website weekly to see if there are changes.