Noah Sanders
Is Going To Zimbabwe!

Dateline: 5 August 2013

I'm excited to report that Noah Sanders, author of the book, Born-Again Dirt, (which I reviewed HERE),  has announced his upcoming trip to Zimbabwe (Read About it Here). Noah is going to learn more about the Christian-agrarian ministry, Foundations for Framing, and their agricultural methods. 

I sent Noah an e-mail a couple weeks ago in response to a previous post he made about the Foundations for Farming ministry. I told him I had been reading about it and looking at some YouTube movies about the ministry. Noah responded that I should go with him. I actually considered the idea, briefly. 

What I like about the Foundations for Farming ministry is that it is focused on teaching poor rural people how to provide for themselves and their families by working the land (a fundamental biblical concept), using very basic tools ( a hoe) and sustainable agricultural techniques. That's my idea of a great ministry.

And, looking ahead, it has occurred to me that when the Christian-agrarian precepts of Foundations For Farming bear fruit and deliver segments of Africa out of poverty and dependency, perhaps African missionaries could come to America (after our industrial system eventually collapses) to teach our impoverished peoples how to once again work the land in a God-honoring way to provide for their families. 

But, instead, it may well be that God in His sovereign providence is directing people like Noah to learn the precepts and bring them back. 

Whatever the case, I really appreciate Foundations for Farming and will have more to say about them in the days ahead. More importantly, I look forward to hearing about Noah's trip and learning from him.

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Cynthia (C.L) Lewis said...

I was excited to hear about Noah's trip also. I forwarded his post to family friends as they have a 17 year old son who is considering sustainable farming as an option for his future. If I were in a different place in my life I would go. Perhaps I will be able to send my son (now 13) when he is older. It will be wonderful to see how God uses these people.