My Newest
Whizbang Idea

Dateline: 15 November 2013

The Prototype

If you want to invent something new,  just look for a problem and create a solution. That's how the handy device above came into existence. 

The problem I was looking to solve was my lack of free hands when it comes to string-tying plants in my garden, like when training tomatoes on a Whizbang T-Post Trellis Span, or tying raspberry stalks to a support.  With a roll of string in one hand, and a knife in the other, I can cut the string pieces I need, but then I have to put the string down and put the knife away so I have both hands free to tie the string. It's not a convenient or efficient way to work.

So I gave this problem a lot of thought and came up with the as-yet-unnamed tool shown above. Here's a picture of the tool in action…

(click the picture to see an enlarged view)
Do you grasp the concept?  A roll of string is inside the tubular caddy, which is held at my side with a string slung over my shoulder. The free end of the string comes out of the caddy through a Planet Whizbang Bucket Irrigation Fitting. A ring-twine-cutter is on the index finger of my right hand.  I simply pull out a length of string, cut it with the ring-cutter and both of my hands are completely free to use the string as needed.

The prototype is made with two 4" galvanized duct caps and some aluminum flashing, all held together with duct tape. My thought was to solder the metal pieces together, but I've concluded that pvc pipe and fittings will be easier to work with, and probably just as good.

The twine-ring-knife is an inexpensive, one-size-fits-all gadget. It should last for years if you use it just for string (and don't lose it). Here's a close-up picture..

If you would like to have a twine-ring-knife, like shown above, I have a small supply of them. Cost is $6.95 for two, first-class postage paid. Click the "Buy Now" button and I'll get them shipped right out to you.

If you would like to purchase a much more durable ring knife, check out the Handy Twine Knife. The company has been in business for over 100 years and they make a great product.


Sunnybrook Farm said...

How about mounting a twine cutter on the lid of the twine holder and you would only need one hand to pull out a length of string and slice it off with the cutter?

Herrick Kimball said...

I thought of that but it was easier to just put the ring on my finger. I'm sure some sort of other blade could be outfitted to the container. Perhaps a utility knife blade, but the razor blade in the ring knife is very safely shielded from accidents. Thanks for the suggestion.

Sheila said...

Thank you SO much! I have been fighting my huge spool of twine for months, and this is exactly what I need. I'm actually going to be ready for spring planting, and "stringing" with this!
Wooo Hooo !!!
LOL Sorry, but I am so pleased, and would not have thought of it, ever!

Herrick Kimball said...

I'm pleased to know you're going to put the idea to good use.

Jane said...

The fellow at One Scythe Revolution was recently complaining that he can't find a source for scythe cradles or else he would sell them on his site. There's another idea for a home-made product: making scythe cradles.

Herrick Kimball said...

Opportunities abound. I love my scythe, which I bought from Scythe Supply in Maine. I was not familiar with One Scythe Revolution. Thanks for the info.