Classic American Clothespins!

Dateline: 8 November 2013

Classic American Clothespins
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All systems are go for tomorrow's launch of Classic American clothespins, as explained last Saturday in This Blog Post

You will be able to purchase assemble-your-own kits of 20 hardwood clothespins. I will be posting a blog right here with the order button at 10:00 am, eastern time tomorrow morning (November 9th).

There are only 225 kits and they will sell, first come, first served. Three people have asked me to hold kits until Sunday for them. I will do that, but I can't do it any more. Holding a lot of kits (pre-selling) and sending invoices adds complication to what could turn out to be a very busy weekend.

I may be wrong, but my sense is that the kits are going to sell out fairly quickly. I have received a remarkable amount of interest in these clothespins, and I have sent a notice to all the people on my Planet Whizbang newsletter list about the sale.

Hopefully, everything will go smoothly. When the kits are sold, they will be all gone. It isn't like I can just order more from some wholesaler to re-sell. These are a unique, handcrafted product, and I will not have more to sell until I make more, which will not be until later next year.

Thank you all!

Finished and assembled clothespins

Hardwood clothespin halves


Anonymous said...

So, tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. I'll be here, Lord willing! Love the painstaking symmetry of your photos ;-)

Anonymous said...

I guess I'll be up by 7 here on the west coast with the computer on ready to order. :- )

Anonymous said...

Those are very nice arrangements of cloths pins. You can see that the Ash is a more open grain wood than the old Maple cloths pins. I'm curious how you chose the variety of wood to use Herrick. I hope these sell well for you. I think you said you had some ideas for how to eliminate some mundane steps for future batches. Perhaps then you can reduce the price some AND increase your profit some. The best of both worlds. That's nice work that you've done again.


Kportgal said...

What's the purpose of the 3 groves on the back of the pins?

Carla Hays said...

I will have my finger on the button at 9:00 (my time) for two sets! Excited. :)