Deliberate Agrarian
Snippet #4

Economic Analysis

Dateline 17 April 2014

Greg Hunter

Greg Hunter has a web site called USA Watchdog . He features in-depth interviews with people-in-the-know who are rarely heard in the mainstream media. His guests talk  about economics and politics. I enjoy listening to different people's viewpoints, especially about the economy. There are always different opinions among different people when it comes to figuring out where the economy is headed, but there appears to be a general consensus that very difficult realities are inevitable, and dead ahead.  This Recent Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is a good one. This interview with Dmitry Orlov provides an insightful Russian-American perspective on the Ukraine situation and the future of America. This interview with Professor William Black, a former bank regulator, makes it crystal clear that there is widespread, systematic fraud being perpetrated by the largest banks in the world. And, worse than that, the U.S. government is a partner in the fraud. If you are an amateur economics wonk, like me, you will want to tune into Greg Hunter's interviews. You might well be hearing prophetic words and future headlines.


deborah harvey said...

hi h.k.,
apropos of nothing, how did your vinegar experiment turn out?
as to the article, i see no hope for the present system. it is too rotten. sometimes you can buy an old building and rehabilitate it but this world banking 'building' will have to be razed and something different take its place.
i read 'gorge's grouse'.
he recounted a nightmare had had a few days ago and one of the ladies who writes in his comment section wrote that she had a similar nightmare.
the chief feature of these nightmares was that the dreamers were in places familiar to them but everything was a facade instead of solid buildings-
shells of themselves.
i figure God is telling us that the retaking of government by moral people is going to be impossible because the whole thing is a facade. it has rotted from the inside out. that's my take.
only God can save us but the people as a whole have to be willing, and call on Him in one accord.
with sin abounding, i don't see it happening.
actually this is for your eyes only unless you want to leave it in the blog.

please comment on the vinegar. thanks.
deb h.

Herrick Kimball said...

Hi Deb,

Thanks for the comment. We make a few gallons of apple cider vinegar every year. I have posted a complete photo tutorial about it at this link: Here's How I Make Apple Cider Vinegar