Deliberate Agrarian
Snippet #5

Pocket Notebooks

Dateline: 18 April 2014

Occasionally someone will wonder how I manage to get so much accomplished with my home business and homestead. Well, in addition to things like focus and determination, not watching television, and having a wife who helps me, I would have to give some credit to pocket notebooks. If you want to be more organized, efficient and productive, get a pocket notebook, and put it to work. I have a pocket notebook on me at all times. It is on my bedside at night. These days I use my own Planet Whizbang Pocket Notebooks. Click that link and check out the whole new web site I've just created for this useful new product. While supplies last, I'm giving away a free vintage pencil clip when you buy a package of 20 or 30 pocket notebooks. 

Click Here to learn how I use pocket notebooks


Sheila Gilbert said...

I really needed some refills, for a notebook that I just got on ebay, so I decided that I could not resist getting some with BEETS on Them. LOL
I really enjoyed reading your link. I laughed till tears were coming down my face. I enjoyed all of the pages.
Sir, you crack me up.
Hope to get a pencil thingie too.
Blessings, Sheila

Herrick Kimball said...

Thanks Sheila. The comment-idea you left at the site made me laugh. I hope you enjoy the beet-themed notebooks, and the pencil thingie too.

Herrick Kimball said...

I got an e-mail today that I think is well worth posting here…

"I'm sure that beet is a Lutz Greenleaf! They grow into softball-size globes, the most spherical beet I know. They remain tender and store very well because there is so much more inside-to-skin than on standard-size little beets like Detroit Dark Red. Love your story behind you logo."

Everett said...

Hi Herrick, Got my pack of twenty today and have the first two pages all filled up already.This is what i have needed for some time but didn't know it! I usually have a bunch of 3x5 cards held together with a rubber band. I LIKE THESE!! Everett

Herrick Kimball said...

Hi Everett,
Thanks. I'm glad to know you're putting them to good use!