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Dateline: 31 July 2014

August, September and October are the months that I have been planning to make more of my Classic American clothespins. I'm pretty much on schedule to do that. But I've discovered that I now have some competition in this business of American-made clothespins…

It's not your traditional American clothespin!

I got an e-mail last week from Charley Earley up in the great state of Maine. He wrote to tell me about his EKLIPSE clothespins, one of which is pictured above. It turns out Charley has been working to bring his unique clothespin to market for over a decade. 

Charley and I have traded samples of our clothespins, and I have to say that the EKLIPSE clothespin samples I have are pretty neat. 

I haven't put these nifty new clothespins through a period of use and testing, so I can't say how strong and/or durable they will be over time. But I can tell you that they appear to have all kinds of advantages over the standard spring and wood clothespin. 

For now, EKLIPSE clothespins are available only from Charley Earley. I encourage you to check them out. Here's the web site link again… EKLIPSE


SheilaG said...

I picked up a dozen. Interesting to see how they will do. Thank you for the link.

PS You should see my Herrick Kimball clothespins!!! I am so thrilled. I just got the last coat of Hope's 100% Tung Oil on a portion of them, and Wow! does it ever make a huge difference. I promised myself that I would do them right, and protect them BEFORE I used them, and they are just gorgeous. I can't wait to use them. BUT... Garden comes first. Bless

Herrick Kimball said...

The oiled ash really is beautiful. I'm looking forward to getting back to making more clothespins this month. Thanks for the feedback.