Dateline: 1 August 2014

There are several things in the above video that I find particularly intriguing and enjoyable to watch. 

First, there is the historical aspect of recreating a loaf of bread that was baked in 79 AD, and then discovered in 1930.

Second, I always like to watch a talented craftsman at his work, and the chef in this clip is, indeed, such a craftsman. 

And third, I love the fact that no bowls, spoons, or other utensils were used in the making of the bread. 

Making such a loaf of bread is a simple, beautiful and inspiring act of human creation.


Anonymous said...

Herrick, this is absolutely fabulous. I'm always amazed when a detail, such as the line circumscribing the bread, is seen to have a practical purpose - one says to oneself, "of course, it makes perfect sense" - but without a baker's intuition, one wouldn't have thought of it. My youngest son is starting high school this year (at home) and I will try making this as part of exploring ancient history.

I only wish that when we were visiting Los Angeles earlier this summer we had had the opportunity to see the Pompeii exhibit at the Science Center there. It was apparently so popular that tickets had to be purchased significantly in advance, and we didn't know until we arrived that the exhibit was showing.

Thank you for the generous information on all your posts. I am going to try the black plastic in my garden next year, and bought The Market Gardener on your recommendation. Please do continue your filming as well, sometimes it is important for people like myself to watch a process happening and not just see photos (as well-done as your photos are).

Regards, Pamela

Herrick Kimball said...

Hi Pamela—
I'm glad to know you enjoyed the film as much as I did. The Pompeii exhibit would be neat to see.

I have two YouTube films in process and a couple more I want to do. One is "Four-Day Carrots, Part 2" where I show how I thin the carrots at two weeks and what the bed looks like at three weeks. But I'm pinched for time lately, which is same old story for me.