EMP Interview

Dateline: 9 June 2015

As I've mentioned here before (more than once), I fully expect the electrical grid to go down someday, and stay that way for a long time. The electrical supply system is, after all, the Achilles heel of our complex industrialized culture. 

I'm not wild-eyed and in a lather about the possibility of no more electricity, but it does come to my mind fairly often, and I'm mentally resigned to the eventuality. I'm also  prepared to assume something akin to a pre-grid lifestyle, if/when the need arises. 

I'm mentioning this today because I listened to This Recent Interview At Peak Prosperity. It's a good interview (that I recommend) on the subject of EMP events. And it is also an examination of why the government is doing pretty much nothing to protect the grid from an EMP (while other countries are).

One of the most fundamental and legitimate functions of government is to protect the country. But the American Empire seems to be more focused on interfering with the affairs of other nations, (mis)managing world events, and micromanaging the lives of all Americans, than it is on protecting our borders, or taking important civil defense measures (like EMP protection of the grid). 

The point being, America is broken. Don't expect the government to fix anything. 


Elizabeth L. Johnson said...

Have shared this a few times, and intend on listening to the interview. Thanks, Herrick, for being in the "know" and informing us. My husband and I, too, are not frantic. The Lord is our very present Help in time of need!

JT said...

I too believe the grid is going to be our countries downfall.
I'm not a "prepper" by todays standards but do consider myself to be prudent. There is a large population of amish and mennonites around me and I pick up a few non-electric items and ideas when I can.
It still could be a tough row to hoe when the power stops concerning food storage/preservation ect.. but I feel I will manage better than most.
Anyhow great post as usual.
Ps.. really liked the wedding post. Nice hard working country kids what a sight to see.