Redefining Marriage?

Dateline: 7 June 2015

Sometime this month the Supreme Court of the United States will decide if the commonly understood definition of marriage (as being between a man and a woman) should now be altered and expanded to include the marriage of same-sex couples. Most observers are betting that centuries of legal precedent will be overturned by a slim majority of these ninefallible human beings as they, in essence, pass judgement on the God of all creation and His definition of marriage.

If the court does, indeed, redefine marriage, there will be widespread celebrations throughout America. Then, in due time, the force of law and autocratic bureaucracy will be systematically employed to persecute anyone in this country who dares to voice their opinion that homosexuality is, as God clearly explains in scripture, unnatural and immoral.

Freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the press will no longer exist in America as hate-speech tribunals are effectively utilized to intimidate and silence all who dare to believe that homosexuality is a sin, or that homosexual marriage is an abomination.

If you doubt this scenario, I challenge you to read This Short Article. It is written by a woman who was raised by a homosexual couple. She lives in Canada and she explains how government tribunals in Canada are now being used to destroy anyone who does not believe, accept, or teach their children that homosexuality and homosexual marriage is right and good.

In short, if the US Supreme Court redefines marriage to include homosexuality, America will, in a moral, cultural and Constitutional sense, step off a very tall cliff.


Anonymous said...

Amen.....Dear God open their eyes. Karen Jones

deborah harvey said...
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Sheila Gilbert said...

I must say, that I have dreaded this day more than others, because what It means to me is, that many will say no to God, and show the world, how we have turned our backs to Him. It makes my heart grieve, however it also shows me, and those who love God, how much we need to share with God our grief, and sorrow, for what is happening in the world today, and ask for His grace to know how to deal with our every day lives, and for His help and strength. We need also to remember that God has told us, that He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of a sound mind. I need to hang on to those words, because of how serious I believe the consequences will be if the decision goes in the wrong direction. I have little doubt that in todays world, we will see the consequences of a bad decision right away, and I pray God's grace and mercy on all who pray for God's direction. Nothing is done in this world, that our Father in heaven does not know about, so we need to remember, that He is the one in control, and ask that His will be done, on earth, as it is, in heaven.

Chris said...

Thanks for linking to that article.

KBCraig said...

If marriage is a holy institution, then it is not defined by government, and cannot be redefined by them.

Civil government should have no role in consenting adults’ personal relationships and how they define them. For most of history, it didn’t.

All the “but what if…” scenarios can ultimately be answered by one simple thing: getting government out of marriage.

Those of us (myself included) who cherish the sanctity of marriage should resent the institution being sullied by deference to secular definitions. I ask: which office at City Hall processes certifications of salvation? Where may we apply for a license to preach?

Give to God the things that are God’s, and leave Caesar out of it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great post. I agree with everything you said. We say Heaven help us. But help only comes when we live righteously.

Herrick Kimball said...

KB Craig—

I agree.

But this matter of the government redefining marriage and then using the law to prosecute (persecute) anyone who does not personally condone homosexual marriage can not be ignored, and is the point of my post here.

If things play out as they are in Canada, Americans would not even have the option of any kind of legislative recourse. It seems that anyone who attempted to speak out and lobby for laws to protect freedom of speech and religion would immediately be targets of the hate speech tribunals.

Herrick Kimball said...

Somehow Deborah Harvey's post left an enormous amount of blank space. So I have deleted it above and am reposting her words here...


deborah harvey said...

book of Micah
what is the purpose of marriage? to raise up a godly seed.

two, in order to become one, must be opposites.
how else may the seed be sown?

self control is the basis of civilization.
we must control our desires in order to live in peace.
the sexual, selfish, greedy, covetous, and all other impulses must be reined in and their power used for good.
lightning may be destructive, but the same amount of electricity may be used to power hospitals and sewerage treatment plants--helpful use of the same power.

today people live by impulse and their lives reflect the lack of thought and direction.
it is all one big soap opera with all the illegitimate children scattered by the wayside.
'sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.'
we are in for it.

Anonymous said...

There are only nine (9), not thirteen (13) supreme court justices. Fallible yes, but there are only nine (9).

Herrick Kimball said...


Thanks for the correction. I've fixed my mistake.

This is one more evidence that I'm terrible with numbers.

Probably has something to do with me being fallible too. :-)