Beauty In The Garden
On The Last Day of July

Dateline: 31 July 2015

(click pictures for larger views)

I think most everyone who grows a tall sunflower takes a picture of it.  The one above is nearly as tall as the 8ft-high Whizbang T-post trellis span behind it. Other sunflower stalks are well above the trellis. The volunteer dill is nearly as high as the sunflower blossom.

And, likewise, everyone likes to share pictures of their grandchildren. Futureman is visiting for two weeks. He will be the ring-bearer in his Uncle Robert's wedding tomorrow.

Onion beds in the foreground.

Tomatoes and pole beans on T-post trellis spans, in the background.


Gail said...

A wonderful garden and Future Man has grown.

dfr2010 said...

Beautiful photos! Down here in Florida, we're in that season when only the master gardeners have anything to show off. That sure isn't me ... although I do have a couple coleus, mint, and green onions hanging on in the heat.

Pam Baker said...

Thanks for the garden shots. It does a body good.
You know, you just never know what influences little folk. His time and experiences with you may (hopefully, will) shape his future interests and character. That is a profound honor that a majority of people never appreciate.

Elizabeth L. Johnson said...

My, my! Herrick, your garden is gorgeous! And Futureman has grown so much. Thank the Lord, you and his grandma are in his life! He is extremely blessed by that! By-the-way, I used your trellis idea from your Planet Whizbang book for gardeners. My tomatoes are loving it, and I'm loving it! Oh, finally something that will hold up my huge, tall tomato plants! No more scrounging (msp?) around in a tomato jungle (I usually grow about 15 plants) to find fruit, while the plants are trying to fall to the ground even though I'd tied them up (which did NO good). I always came out smelling strongly, and appearing green, and there were definitely fruit I could not find and died, wasting away. Trellising is so easy! I thrill working among them, training them into the trellis. Today it was easy to examine leaves for tomato worms (larvae), since the plant is so open to air and sunshine, and to my eyesight. Thanks for your great ideas! Congratulations on your son's wedding!