Advice For
Soft, Fat & Weak Americans
From A Nigerian Survivor

Dateline: 16 July 2016 AD

Slim pickin's in Nigeria

All reliable indicators tell us that the American economy is in decline. Many people in the know say the now-unfolding European banking crisis will have a further deleterious effect on America's economy. The good news is that America is not as bad off as Nigeria.... yet. 

With the recent drop in oil prices, Nigeria (the world's 6th largest oil producer) has been hard hit. The unemployment rate is 70%+. Some government workers have not been paid in months. The best areas of the country may get electricity for only two hours a day. Robbery is common. 

If Americans were faced with a crisis similar to what is now occurring in Nigeria, they would die. That's because so many Americans are "soft, fat and weak." That's what Joshua Sheats, host of the Radical Personal Finance website says in this podcast interview: Think You've Got it Tough?

The interview is a discussion with a Nigerian man who has a survivor mentality. He is managing to make a living in a very tough economy, without expecting the government to help him. 

What I found most interesting about the interview is near the end, when Joshua asks the man if he has any advice for American's who may be experiencing trouble finding a job and making money. His advice is full of useful wisdom and encouragement.

If you are without a job, or you know someone who is looking for a job, this interview is well worth listening to. 


Unknown said...

Wow, this post was an eye opener.

I spend a lot of my time at work in front of a computer, but that computer is on-line with (connected to) a packaging machine on the assembly floor. I spend my time finding wiring mistakes when the machine is initially powered up, and help the mechanical finishers come up with recipe settings to make the machine run well, and also find programming errors when a new situation is found that nobody thought of previously or simply overlooked.

Mostly a fun job and my skill set is valuable most any place there is manufacturing, but it is not fun being the expert on a Sunday afternoon when a customer has a machine down.


Sunder said...
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James Johnson said...

Elizabeth L. Johnson said,
Hi, Herrick: A side-bar: do you have a root cellar? Do folks in your neck of the woods have them? Been wondering, 'cause I need one. I hear that onions, apples, potatoes, etc. need around 45 to 50 degrees to store well. It's rarely in the thirties here in winter. I haven't heard of root cellars here in Cali.; especially in the north state. I suppose you do not have a cellar, since you write about trial and error storage in the ground.

James Johnson said...

Elizabeth L. Johnson said,
About Nigeria; I believe America's economy is about to go south, too. I'm glad the above article is full of wisdom, how to steward our finances. A ministry newsletter I receive had other news about Nigeria on another note: "We just returned from Canaanland, Nigeria, where I ministered in the Intl. Minister's Conference...each service began at 6:30 am, the building was filled to capacity w/54,000, and 37,000 more in the overflow tents outside...they had 3 more services, which brought the total Sunday attendance that day to 394,000! Right in the middle of one of the poorest places on earth financially, they have by faith w/o debt, built well over a half million dollars worth of ministry facilities, incl. a major university. The result has been what many are now calling 'the new Nigerian middle class'." The Lord is doing great things!

Sunder said...


Mostly a fun job and my skill set is valuable most any place there is manufacturing, but it is not fun being the expert on a Sunday afternoon when a customer has a machine down.