Bucket Irrigation
And Part 2 Of
My Stewardculture Interview

Dateline: 10 July 2016 AD

I've cranked out another YouTube video. This one is on the subject of Whizbang Bucket Irrigation For Gardeners. The video has information about a new strawberry-growing idea I'm trying this year. I also show my tomato plants on a string trellis, and Whizbang tire sidewall cloches.

As some of you know, I'm not blogging here much this summer, but I am posting fairly regularly to my Whizbang Gardening Facebook Page. Stop on by sometime.

My Stewardculture 
Interview: Part 2

Stewardculture magazine has now morphed into a much more user-friendly blog and is being hosted at the Sustainable Traditions web site.  And you can go there right now to read Part 2 of my Stewardculture interview... Herrick's Stewardculture Interview, Part 2.


Dan Grubbs said...

It was a pleasure to put this interview together with you, Herrick. I know our readers are loving it. You are an inspiration to many, and you are welcome to grace the Stewardculture blog anytime.

In Him,

Dan Grubbs, editor

Herrick Kimball said...

That's very kind of you, Dan. Thank you.

I'm excited about your new blog format. I'll be stopping by frequently.

Pam Baker said...

Great video. I always learn a lot watching your instructional offerings.
So, this could easily be adapted to water more than one plant at a time. Add a main line with feeder lines to each plant. I would not think the entire row could be done with a 5 gallon bucket but a larger bucket and maybe 6 or 10 plants at a time. I think I would put the trickle valve at the bucket...my knees could not handle that much up and down. And I would put it on a miniature garden cart...
Ostensibly, you could set up your whole garden for irrigation and do zones and hook it to your house hose. Water only when needed but set it up in the spring and take it down in the fall.
Hmmmm, we don't often have droughts here in southern VT, but it sounds like a good plan to have in place nonetheless.
Thank you, so very much for sharing Mr. Kimball.

Pam Baker said...

P.S. And this would eliminate the concern for overhead watering encouraging powdery mildew.