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Dear Friends & Visitors,

I am taking a break from blogging so I can focus more on faith, family and livin’ the good life. I’m also trying to write and publish another Whizbang Book. I plan to report back here on March first (2007).

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If you would like to learn more about the subject of Christian agrarianism, I recommend my book, Writings of a Deliberate Agrarian

Thank you for stopping by.

Best wishes,

Herrick Kimball
a.k.a., The Deliberate Agrarian


Kristianna said...

See you March 1st, Herrick. Enjoy your break. :-)


Patti said...

I stopped by for a cup of coffee.:)

Anonymous said...

You may want to have your son Chaz check out American Association for Laboratory Animal Science. Run a search on line for AALAS. I envy your son and the guy he is working with. I which I found out about working with lab animals when I was his age.

Patti said...

Oh well, I guess today isnt' tomorrow is it. Will tomorrow be tomorrow??