Index to "Finding My Way" Essays

This is an index to a series of essays in which I chronicle my struggle to figure out what to do with my life, beginning back when I was 18 years old. It wasn't easy finding my place in the world back then....

Part 1:
The Ol' Timer Begins His Ramble
Part 2:
Working While in High School and Going on to School in Vermont
Part 3:
Spray Painting Barns & Cutting Pulp Wood
Part 4:
I Fail to Graduate From School in Vermont
Part 5:
Skateboarding, Rocky Balboa, & My Friend Joe
Part 6:
How I almost Died in the Lamoille River
Part 7:
Buce & Patty Womer Take Me In
Part 8:
I Didn’t Have a Job. But I Was Never Idle.
Part 9:
My Short-Lived Career Selling Shaklee
Part 10:
No Money. No Car. No Job: I Decide to Enlist in the Military
Part 11:
”You Did a Good Job, Mate.”
Part 12:
Bear, Harvey, Bob Dylan.... And I Discover What I Want to Do With My Life
Part 13:
I Go Home & Get a Job on a Dairy Farm
Part 14:
This is the Part Where I Defend Myself With a Silage Fork Against Huge, Screaming Rats (No Kidding!)
Part 15:
At Last, I Make Enough Money to Buy a Car.
Part 16:
I Inherit a Small Fortune From My Grandfather
Part 17:
I Start My First Business
Part 18:
I Go Back to School. Then Back to The Farm.
Part 19:
I Land a Carpentry Job & Get Married
Part 20:
I Finally Found My Way. Thank God.


Tracy said...

I love the index, but I wish you have posted more about how you met and courted Marlene.

Unless I missed some in there, you only briefly mention her in Part 10, against in part 15, and finally in Part 19. But only in passing. :)

Herrick Kimball said...

Hi Tracy,

Go to the "Deliberate Agrarian Archives" over on the right side of the page. Click on "My Younger Days." There you will find a link to my essay titled, "The Wife of My Youth." That tells the whole story. Well most of it. Thanks for asking.

Marci said...

Herrick, my garlic this year was beautiful!!! I have it hanging in net bags in my new pantry room. It is not in direct sunlight and the air can flow all around it. I have a horrendous infestation of fruit flies in my kitchen. I have set out vinegar traps, taken the compost bucket out back and set out a lemon trap as well. I just noticed there are some on my garlic out in the pantry, which is another room. Do you think they will ruin it? Any suggestions?