Christian Agrarian Writings
Howard Douglas King

Dateline: 29 March 2009

Years ago, there was a series of articles that appeared in Patriarch magazine that introduced me and many other Christian men to the idea of Christian agrarianism. The author of those articles was Howard Douglas King.

Those articles resonated with me. The Lord used Mr. King's essays (and the teaching of others) to lead me into deeper relationship with Him and with my family. My focus in life changed from vainly struggling to make lots of money and get ahead, to simplifying and focusing more on faith, family, and home-based agrarian life; my focus changed from pursuing the lies of an apostate industrialized culture to pursuing a way of life that I saw was more in line with what the Bible calls for.

Howard King's writings were, in many respects, the genesis of this blog, "The Deliberate Agrarian."

I recently went looking for Howard King's Christian agrarian essays on the interent. In particular, I wanted to read his essay titled, The Biblical Basis of Christian Agrarianism. I could not find it anywhere.

I did find a few Howard King essays at Terry Carnes' blog titled Patriarch Magazine Archives. Terry was similrly affected by the writings of Mr. King and, seeing that Patriarch magazine was no longer being printed, asked permission of the editor to put some of them on the internet.

Since I could not find The Biblical Basis of Christian Agrarianism on the internet I contacted Howard King and asked if I might host the essay here. He graciously agreed to allow it and sent it to me.

A link to this essay is below, as are the links to Howard King's essays at Terry's site.

The Biblical Basis of Christian Agrarianism


Machines and Families
(Part 1 of a series)

Industrialism: Rooted in Greed
(Part 2 of a series)

The Efficiency Invasion: How Industrialism Destroyed the Traditional Family
(Part 3 of a series)


Tradional vs Technological Society: Stephen B. Clark's Analysis of Technological Society and Its Effects on the Family
(Part 1 of 2 parts)

The Family in Technological Society: Stephen B. Clark's Analysis of Technological Society and its Effects on the Family
(Part 2 of 2 parts)


If you would like to hear an audio presentation of Howard King speaking on "The Biblical Basis of Christian Agrarianism" and "The Village vs The City," you can do so at Scott Terry's North Country Farmer blog..... Click Here to listen.

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Thanks, Herrick, for posting this. I've been looking for it as well.