The Christian & Agrarian Writings of Michael Hennen

Those of you who have an interest in Christianity and agrarianism should should read the essays of Michael Hennen. They are instructive and edifying.

In The Beginning

Christian Agrarianism

Why Define Christian Agrarianism?

The Agrarian Bible

Toward An Agrarian Mainfesto

The Agrarian Renaissance

Agrarian Scriptures

Grandma’s Farm

To Till The Ground (Part 1)

To Till The Ground (Part 2)

Redemption’s Cry

Urban Migration

Be Prepared

Agrarian Pace

Christians And Consumerism

The Pace of Stewardship

Here is a link to Michael Hennen's web site: The Agrarian Bible



Dear Herrick,

It would be remiss of me not to mention how profoundly your own agrarian writings have influenced my wife Aimee and I. In search of more deliberate living, your blog was one of the first and most encouraging we found. Though we've never met you, as we read your blog, we cannot shake the feeling that we are among friends. Michael Hennen

Anonymous said...

Do you include in your book on how to grow garlic and make garlic powder where to buy the garlic to plant?

Herrick Kimball said...

Not exactly. What I recommend is that people find a garlic grower in their area and purchase bulbs for seed from them. Any good farm market will have local garlic around the harvest season. Or you can just do a Google search and find numerous sources. But the local garlic should be less expensive.