Classic American
Clothespin Update

Dateline: 18 November 2013

The "Factory Seconds" 30-clothespin kit

Well, the initial offering of Classic American clothespin kits was a great success. I sold 191 out of 225 of the 20-clothespin kits in 48 hours. The kits were shipped out to people all over the world. My sincere thanks to everyone who purchased one or more of the kits. I hope the clothespins you finish and assemble will be objects of beauty and utility that you enjoy using for many years to come.

I still have a few (very few) of the kits in stock and they are available at This Link.

I would also like to announce that I have now put together a small quantity of 30-clothespin "factory seconds" kits, as pictured above. They are the absolute best Classic American clothespin value. You can read about them and order them at This Link.

My next step is to get a specifications package together and see if I can ignite an interest in woodworkers around the world to make their own Classic American clothespins, either as gifts or a craft business.

Thanks again to all of you reading this who participated in the launch of this little home enterprise.

Shortly after posting today's blog, I saw This Wonderful (and jocular) Review of Classic American clothespins at Florida Survival Gardening. Thank you David the Good!


Anonymous said...

Hi Herrick,
The review in Florida Survival Gardening blog is hilarious!
Thanks for the updates. I enjoyed the “Joe vs Joel” debate and agree that Salatin won. Unfortunately, I think most in the “sustainability movement” (for lack of a better phrase) will gladly support more Federal control as Mercola argued. To me Joseph Mercola is not trustworthy. IMO, he's a firebrand who's primary interest is generating sales for his holistic wellness philosophy. His lack of clear reasoning, feigned outrage, and snake-oil-salesman-like demeanor during the debate strengthened this opinion.

The next guest speaker following the debate, Sally Fallon Morell, simply declared Mercola the winner in her opening comments…!

Christians, agrarian or not, need to be alert to the error of supporting secular advocates who champion ideas to which we are seemingly like-minded. The desired goal for each group is typically different. This is especially true during this age of cheap information where lie and deception abound - particularly in the area of sustainability where Pantheism runs rampant.

I was surprised to see how hot the discussion got – especially since Salatin and Mercola have done a fair amount of worked together in the past (I think? I see a fair number of Google results pop up).

Kind Regards,

Herrick Kimball said...


I appreciate your perspective. It was godly principle (Salatin) against worldly pragmatism (Mercola).

I have nothing against Dr. Mercola but I was very surprised at how ill-prepared he was for the debate. And I couldn't help but notice a spirit of pride in his body language. There was quite a contrast between the two men.

As for Sally Fallon, her comment after the debate was totally out of line. She should have never publicly jumped into the debate after it was over and done. Maybe it would have been better if she just took Mercola's place.

Thanks for the analysis.