Colloidal Silver
For Ebola?

Dateline: 7 August 2014

I'm not getting myself in a lather about ebola…. yet.  But I am looking at my supply of colloidal silver and thinking that I might better get a few more bottles.

Marlene and I have been taking colloidal silver for several years, primarily in the winter months, and I typically stock up on some bottles in the fall.

I'm persuaded that colloidal silver is a very effective medicine for all kinds of ailments involving bacteria, viruses and the like.

One winter a few years ago I felt myself coming down with a seasonal virus. My body had that ache that portends worse to come. I took a hot bath, went to bed and sipped down a whole 4-ounce bottle of 18-ppm colloidal silver. The next morning I felt good. The silver killed the virus before it had a chance to get me. 

You can read plenty of more dramatic testimonials from colloidal silver users on the internet.

With that in mind, and based on my understanding of how silver works, I'm pretty sure a good dose of quality colloidal silver will help prevent ebola from getting a foothold in a body, and maybe even help cure the dreaded disease.

But colloidal silver can be a very confusing subject to understand. The big question being, which colloidal silver on the market is the best quality for the money. 

I don't have a well-researched and educated answer to that question. I tend to think that the silver from Nature's Sunshine and American Biotech Labs (pictured above) is of trustworthy quality. 

I also have a very basic silver generator for making my own colloidal silver, but I haven't used it in years. There are numerous devices out there and I'm really uncertain about which of them is the best.

I have a feeling that many of you who read this blog also use colloidal silver. I'm wondering what your experiences are with it? What product do you use? Do you make your own? Please share any information that you can on this subject in the comments section below.



SharonR said...

I'm a believer in c. silver. And *sigh* I'll try not to make my story too long. I was told by an alternative dr. that if I ever had an infection come up in my "stump" (I'm an amputee. If the prosthesis doesn't fit properly anymore, you can get an infection quick waiting for the insurance or other money to come in to get a new one. That's what happened to me.), to use colloidal silver. It did and I did. My leg was so swollen that the skin was tight and turning shiny. I was alone with my six year old daughter on a Saturday morning, not really able to drive myself to the emergency room, so I used my husband's very OLD bottle of the stuff as per the instructions. Within 30 minutes, the swelling had gone down as much as what took the antibiotics before a week to accomplish. By Tuesday, I was driving again, still hurting, but I could drive. I was sold. I gave some to a woman who came to the church office where I'm a secretary needing money for antibiotics after a C-section. The church doesn't give out money for prescriptions, but I told her about the colloidal silver and gave her my bottle. A few months later, she was back needing help with food and told me how much it had helped her - not only with the infection, but the pain. Wonderful stuff! I keep it around.

Anonymous said...

I use the same kind as pictured in your post only I get it from Swanson's Health Products. Thus far I don't take it on a daily basis but use it when I feel a cold/bronchitis coming on or bladder infection, etc. It has worked well for me. Does anyone have input about how much is safe to take? The directions on the bottle say 1 tsp up to 3 times daily for adults, but I see that some folks are taking more.

Frank and Fern said...

We have used silver on a very limited basis in the past. We find that it tends to hurt our stomachs if we take it for very long. If I remember correctly, the dosage we took was one teaspoon per day. Do you have any remedies for that?

I haven't heard of anyone making their own silver, so I am very interested in hearing how you do it. Thank you for sharing this information. I hadn't thought of colloidal silver for ebola, that is a very interesting suggestion.

Thank you, Herrick.


SharonR said...

All I did with my infection was to spray my skin, and spray four times inside my mouth. Then, as I needed to see more progress, I sprayed more. I've not taken it by spoonful on a regular basis. You can get too much, and nothing beats just keeping your blood in alkaline pH by eating the proper foods. Blood alkaline pH prevents and reverses disease. Google that.

Ed said...

I've tried CS for various maladies over the last 15 years and found it generally to have at least SOME antibiotic effect.

What I'm still not convinced of though is the claim that it doesn't impact the good bacteria in your gut.

This may be related to the stomach pain associated with longer-term use as mentioned by "Frank and Fern" earlier.

I'm not a Doc, but from my reading (and experience), CS acts as a "broad spectrum" antibiotic, which is what makes it so effective against so many things. CS distributors loudly claim that "good bacteria" are left alone, but I haven't seen anything to back up those claims.

As for me, for any CS I take in the future, I am prepared to co-supplement with probiotics during the entire course of self-treatment (and probably for a while afterwards).


Anonymous said...

I make my own Colloidal Silver and take it daily during flu season, and when I feel like I am coming down with something during the rest of the year. I swear by it, and don't have a problem recommending it to friends and family.

I plan to keep a large stock on hand during this 'ebola event'. Not that I don't trust the government to keep me safe.....

SheilaG said...

First, I am very concerned about the ebola issue, and believe we need to be very careful over the next several months.
To actually bring anyone into this country with it, no matter who they are, is insanity.
I purchased CS years ago, however I never really had the chance to use it. Soooo, now may be just the right time to start.

Thank you for reminding me, I'm going to get some right away.

Herrick Kimball said...

The following comment came into this blog post from Carol, but it looks like Blogger blocked it as spam. It's worth posting, and thank you, Carol…

"After doing research I decided on The Silver Edge micro-particle colloidal silver generator. My family has been using it for 5 years. I would not be without it. We just don't get sick. The trick is to use it at the first sign of symptoms. And of course at the recommended dosage. The initial investment will save you hundreds of dollars because you make it yourself for pennies. It has been a true blessing."